Midjungards - From Scandza - Reviewed By Metal Digest! Monday November 20 2023, 3:33 PM
Midjungards - From Scandza - Reviewed By Metal Digest!

Midjungards - From Scandza - Reviewed By Metal Digest ! Check it out https://metal-digest.com/2023/08/24/midjungards-from-scandza/

       They from the land of the ice and snow with the midnight sun and hot springs blow. That may be a paraphrased line from the opening to ‘The Immigrant Song’ by Led Zeppelin, but it sums up practically every Nordic band which dons fur, armour and battleaxes and heads sets sail into the west. One the latest bands to heed this call are Midjungards from Helsinki who have delivered their debut album ‘From Scandza’.

                As Midjungards make landfall, they have one thing in mind and that is the pillage of the land, there’s booty to be had and it comes in the form of thrashing heavy metal which leans heavily on themes of Viking culture. Through numerous tempo changes and thrashing riffage designed to make the head bang, ‘From Scandza’ is an aggressive assault by a heathen army guaranteed to set fire to everything in its wake. If the guitars aren’t fancy enough here, then the drums will certainly impress you, Timmo Salakka is a berserker beast, pounding double bass, tom, snare and cymbals alike as through tracks such as ‘Hordes of Hate’, ‘Still Here’ and ‘From Scandza to Covadonga’, Midjungards show all the guile of Slayer and Kreator if they incorporated the style of Henry Rollins covering either bands with the overall content of Amon Amarth.

                Yet, the production of ‘From Scandza’ could do with being a little better balanced, the vocals seem to drown out the remainder of the instruments. This does lead on to the next point, the vocals aren’t exactly the best and arguably, this band could be a lot better with a vocalist which doesn’t seem to struggle. However, this could probably be fixed in the studio with better production and for a debut album, ‘From Scandza’ does exactly what it needs to do and that is put a benchmark down and it will be interesting to see how Midjungards approach their future releases. Metal Digest

Release Date: 17th March 2023

FFO: Kreator, Slayer, Amon Amarth

Location: Helsinki - Finlandia

Midjungards borns on 6th November 2006. When the band Hell-Train dissapears, Toni starts to compose music for the new band. For different reasson the band does not plays its first show until October 2011 with the name Viriato in the pub Darkness of Sedavi (Spain). In this concert the band is composed of the members: Toni, Nanda, Panollo and Pascual. After this concert the band the band dissapears for family reassons. From this perios most of the material of From Scandza was composed and recorded with low quality. During many years the band stays in stand by mode improving some compositions and developing the idea of the band in the cold lands of Finland with an eye on warm Spain. Is during this period where the concept of the band is developped further. The concept of the band gets more close to the amazing history of the ancient goths. Toni learn the ancient goth languages and get very deep into their long history to get all the inspiration needed. During the years 2021-2022 dramatic family facts happen and the project that has been encubated for many years has a drastic boost. With the help of the ex-drummer of Parking Fox Paco Muñoz at the drums, Toni goes to Finnvox studios to records the first album of Midjungards: "From Scandza". Meanwhile Toni start to looking member for the band, first tries with members of known finnish band from Hyvinkää (Finland), but finally this idea does not work out. Finally, the Finnish/Mexican guitarrist Israel Real (Bladzam, Dead Loss, Sacrament) joins the band bringing strength and stability to the band. A bit later bass player Tatu Ruotsalainen (Dead Loss) and Timmo Salakka a professional drummer comming from Jazz will join the band and geting it ready for their debut with Thyrfing, Verikalpa and Pahan Ikoni in Tampere and Helsinki.

The band has been also confirmed for some big festivals. And it is ready for the journey. This is the beginning of long time journey that will bring us to an amazing world of music and feeling. A band created from the most deep of the heart.

From Scandza is the album of Midjungards that will be released on 17th March 2023. Midjungards is a band inspired in the magic world of the ancient goths. It brings the magic of the classic world to our days. This album make us travel from the origin of the ancient goths until their last legendary battles and legacy. Get ready for to enter in a magic work full of metal energy!

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