Droid Killer - Biotech - Reviewed By MTVIEW Magazine! Wednesday November 15 2023, 11:51 AM
Droid Killer - Biotech - Reviewed By MTVIEW Magazine!

Droid Killer - Biotech - Reviewed By MTVIEW Magazine ! Check it out https://mtview.grweb.site/


Release Date: October 10th, 2023

FFO: Megadeth/Six Feet Under/Serpent Garden

Location: Antarctica

Droid Killer is the definitive Sci-Fi Metal experience based in Antarctica, chronicling the human/machine war apocalypse in real time.

The saga begins with Droid Killer's debut EP, The Hive. This Death Metal cult classic is the beginning of an epic tale that transports you into a future world at the onset of the battle and brings us to the newest installment of the Droid Killer saga, the forthcoming full length album, The Terminator vs. The Preacher. Is life doomed to be enslaved by sentient machines or will a lone stranger from the past rise up and save us all?
Droid Killer is a fresh take on Metal. Death Metal that is fun and stimulates thought is back. Droid Killer brings the gravity and sonic force of Doom Metal into the mix for the ultimate sonic experience.
Droid Killer is the definitive Sci-Fi Metal experience. Their debut full length album The Terminator vs. The Preacher is being released via Black Halo Records (blackhalo.life) with hand painted artwork by acclaimed Sci Fi artist Ryan T. Hancock and mastered by Grammy Award Winning Sound Engineer Alan Douches (Nile, High on Fire, Six Feet Under, Cannibal Corpse, Cattle Decapitation, Aborted, Pathology). The album is being released on cassette and digital with an accompanying Sci Fi novella "The Terminator vs. The Preacher: Origins" available in the merch package of your choosing or sold separately. Official The Terminator vs. The Preacher album shirts include a high quality digital download of the album are printed by IndieMerch with precision matched colours for an ultra premium presentation of the album's spectacular artwork.

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