New Promo: Guyođ -  Heart of thy Abyss - (Death Metal) KVLT und KAOS Productions Monday November 13 2023, 12:56 PM
New Promo: Guyođ -  Heart of thy Abyss - (Death Metal) KVLT und KAOS Productions

Release Date: 04.11.2023

FFO: Heads For The Dead, Nahab, INVULTATION

Location: Austria

GUYOD, the Graz-based death metal band known for their unique blend of doom and black metal, has announced the release of their highly anticipated debut full-length album on 4 November 2023. The album will be published on CD, LP and MC via Grazil Records and Kvlt und Kaos Productions. The band has also released the first single from the album, titled Watcher in the Dark, along with a music video directed by Revvidy. GUYOD draws inspiration from the depths of the ocean, the creative and destructive power of water, and the vastness of the unknown, creating an immersive and intense experience for their fans during live shows. Their first output, a split with LEHM titled ALLUVIAL SOIL, was released on 23 January 2022, showcasing the band's unique sound and style. Fans can look forward to a full-length album that promises to take them on a journey through the darkness and depth of GUYOD's musical vision.


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