Will TED NUGENT Finally Get Inducted Into ROCK HALL? Tuesday September 19 2023, 8:36 PM
Will TED NUGENT Finally Get Inducted Into ROCK HALL?

During the latest episode of "The Nightly Nuge", a news-style clip in which Ted Nugent offers his take on the news of our world every night, Ted was asked if he thinks he has a better chance of finally getting inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame now that Rolling Stone magazine co-founder Jann Wenner has been removed from the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Foundation's board after comments he made in a New York Times interview about female and black musicians sparked widespread criticism. Ted said in part (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "Had you not posed that question to me about whether I should be in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, I would never even think about it. I'm too busy playing my guitar and making great music with my amazing musicians, playing for the greatest music-loving audience in my life.

"Stop and think: at 75 years of age, I can honestly say with much piss and vinegar and aplomb that my 'Adios Mofo '23!' tour was the most fun, the most musically gratifying and inspiring, the most intense, ferocious, real musical celebration of my life," he continued. "And we're talking almost seven thousand concerts, because I started out inspired by Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley and Little Richard, who had such fire, such passion, such a work ethic to rehearse with their bands that they inspired all the greatest musicians. All your favorite music was inspired by James Brown work ethic, Motown Funk Brothers soulfulness, the piss and vinegar and fire and passion of Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley.

"So whether I am ever in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame now that the lying, misogynistic, racist Jann Wenner has been thrown off the board, and my good friend, quite honestly, an ultra-leftist, Tom Morello from the band RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE is on the board, some people have mentioned to me that they're considering putting me in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame."

Nugent added: "I don't care. I don't care that I'm not in it. I just wish that TRIUMPH, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, so many killer rock and roll bands that somebody is giving the finger… I think it was Jann Wenner [who] was giving the finger to real honest-to-God rock and roll bands to assist inducting his stoner friends. That's my belief. I believe he got people that got high with him and that hung out with him and that spent time with him. I don't think it's really about rock and roll. And my point is, is that a Hall Of Fame that has Little Richard and James Brown and THE [ROLLING] STONES and THE BEATLES and THE WHO and THE KINKS and Tom Petty and Prince and Bo Diddley, for a Hall Of Fame to have them in it, and then put in Grandmaster Flash, who, he's anti-rock and roll, and ABBA, which is just pop music; I don't really think there's even a drum in the song. I'm, I'm being facetious now.

"So, I want honesty, and if someone decides that Ted Nugent should be in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, all I can tell you is that if they do induct me, my acceptance speech will be very, very special and it will make fun, fun, music-loving people feel really good, and it'll make idiots squirm."

The conservative rocker, who been eligible for the honor as a solo artist since 2000, has enjoyed a remarkably successful and eventful musical career over the past five decades, but his music is increasingly overshadowed by his political outbursts.

Nugent previously addressed his exclusion from the Rock Hall during a July 2022 edition of "The Nightly Nuge". Asked by co-host Keith Mark about a news report that three men, including the curator of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, had been accused of conspiring to sell stolen lyrics from THE EAGLES, Ted said in part: "Well, isn't that fascinating, that there's dishonesty and criminal behavior going on within the confines of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame?

"My comment on the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is I never speak from a personal anger that I'm not in it; I never reference that I should be in it, though obviously I should be in it," he continued. "But that Grandmaster Flash and Madonna and ABBA are in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame? I speak on behalf of the fan club of the founding fathers that the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame should always pay homage to and respect, and that's Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley and Little Richard and Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis and the founding fathers of this most exciting, throttling, defiant, irreverent, uppity, fun soundtrack in the world. And that they would put people in there that are not just not rock and roll, but they're anti rock and roll. So that this guy is being caught with his hands in the cookie jar is no surprise.

"Let me go ahead and say this… Nobody can sue me because if they try to sue me, we'll prove that my words are accurate," Nugent added. "There's a lot of dope smoking going on at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, and the more dope you smoke, the dumber you get, the more irresponsible you get and the more criminally inclined you will get. And the statistics to prove what I just said are irrefutable, unless you're so stoned that you can irrefute truth, logic and common sense, which I get a big kick out of.

"So this is a spotlight on a cockroach that, unfortunately, represents too much of those in charge of making decisions at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

"And again, it's not because I'm angry that I'm not in; I'm angry that they're dishonest and that they're not paying respect to the Chuck Berrys and the Bo Diddleys and the Elvis Presleys and the Little Richards and the Jerry Lee Lewises of the world, because rock and roll means something, and ABBA and Grandmaster Flash ain't it."

When Keith noted that Ted's "politics" are the main reason he hasn't been inducted into the Rock Hall, Nugent said: "Let's examine the foundation of that observation, very accurate observation. I'm not in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame because of my politics. My politics are the U.S. Constitution. Thank you very much."

Ted has railed against the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame a number of times in the past, including in a 2017 interview with the Q103 radio station in Albany. At the time, he stated about his exclusion from the institution: "Jan Wenner, the founder of Rolling Stone [magazine] and the boss hog at Rock And Roll Of Fame, he hates freedom, he hates the Second Amendment, he hates me, because I'm on the board of directors — quite proudly — of the National Rifle Association for, like, twenty-six years with some of the highest votes except for Charlton Heston [NRA's president]. And I couldn't be more proud of that, 'cause the NRA is the ultimate family, grassroots organization that fights for the right to defend ourselves. What kind of numbnut would be against that? And so I'm on the board of directors of the NRA, Jan Wenner hates the Second Amendment, so that's the only reason I'm not in the Rock And Roll Of Fame. And until they get their heads out of their ass, I'm more than happy to do what I do and do it with all the vim and vigor that I do it every night."

Nugent added: "Hey, write this down. My name is Ted Nugent. I am the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Eat me!"

Asked if he would show up for his Rock Hall induction if he eventually got the nod, Nugent said: "Oh, hell yes! And you know what I would do? I would lead… I've seen a lot of the ceremonies, and they're so moving. All of us that love music, how do you not just shed a tear of joy when you see Bob Seger and certainly ZZ TOP and Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley and James Brown… Are you kidding me? These are the gods of the soundtrack of our quality of life. But you know what I will do? And I will do it. I will lead the most important moment in the history of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, because I will get on bended knee and I will say a prayer for Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley and Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis and THE VENTURES and James Brown and Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding and the Motown Funk Brothers and THE BEATLES and THE [ROLLING] STONES and THE KINKS and Howlin' Wolf and Buddy Guy and B.B. King and Freddie King and Albert King… you know what I'm saying? Because Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is paying tribute and homage to geniuses who gave us the ultimate soundtrack for our American Dream. I'm all in, man, I'm genuinely moved, and I'm glad there is a Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame."

Nugent went on to reiterate his belief that that rappers and non-rock artists like Madonna don't belong in the Hall Of Fame. "I mean, why don't you just piss on Chuck Berry's grave, you know what I mean?" he said.

According to Ted, the fact that both Patti Smith and Grandmaster Flash have been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is the result of "political correctness," which he calls "a self-inflicted and embarrassing scourge." He added in a mocking tone: "Yeah, Grandmaster Flash is rock and roll. And I'm a gay pirate."

In July 2021 e-mail from NRA general counsel John Frazer sent to board members, it was announced that Nugent, who joined the board in 1995, was stepping down "due to ongoing schedule conflicts."

Ted's decision to leave the board came less than a year after he told Newsmax's "The Chris Salcedo Show" that the National Rifle Association was "the most important civil rights organization in the world."

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