BraveWords Records Announces the Signing of Lillian Axe Tuesday September 12 2023, 2:27 PM
 BraveWords Records Announces the Signing of Lillian Axe

TORONTO, CANADA (September 12, 2023) -- recently announced the launch of BraveWords Records and now BraveWords Records is excited to announce the signing of Lillian Axe. Look for Lillian Axe to release their first title for BraveWords Records in 2024.
BraveWords Records founder Metal Tim Henderson, "NOLA rises again! Having followed the career of these raucous ruffians from the late ‘80s, I’m honored to be able to work with Steve and his bandmates, especially after he was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame recently. We are in for ride. More importantly, so are the fans!”
Steve Blaze, founder of Lillian Axe, "On behalf of the entire band and organization, we are extremely happy to announce that Lillian Axe will be joining the brand new BraveWords Records label as we begin work on our next studio album! BraveWords has always been one of the most prestigious organizations in the field of hard rock and metal music, and we are ecstatic about our new team! We have started the writing process for our next studio album, and we will continue to play shows and promote From Womb to Tomb until it's time to start recording the new one! Thanks to Brian, Giles, Tim and the whole team at Brave Words for this new partnership!
Lillian Axe is a million-selling dramatic hard rock band orchestrating a comeback with their latest album “From Womb To Tomb” and extensive tour dates which included their return to Europe for the first time in years. The album reached number 28 on the Billboard on the Hard Rock Album chart and has been touted as the band’s magnum opus. In 2010, they became the first-ever hard rock act inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. In November, 2021, Steve Blaze was inducted for the second time for his individual accomplishments as a guitarist and songwriter, which include multiple TV and film soundtracks and appearances, sessions for major artists, and nine years as guitarist for legendary rockers Angel. In 2017, Lillian Axe was awarded the Jackson Indie Music Ikon Award for their musical contribution to the Mississippi music scene for the last 30 years. Since releasing their debut album in 1988, the band has toured with icons such as Alice Cooper, RATT, Accept and many others, as well as rocking hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide at major festivals such as Sweden Rock, Firefest, M3 and Rocklahoma.
About BraveWords Records:
There is a serious void which desperately needs to be filled, hard-working and creative bands that have yet to find a partnership and a mutual vision with a professional team. The music-fuelled minds behind BraveWords Records, Brian Adams, Giles Lavery, Tim Henderson and Michael Brandvold, have built the ultimate home for an artist that will take you where you want to be. Collectively, with nearly 100 years of music industry experience under our belts, the BraveWords Records team will take care of all the crucial aspects of your project from global distribution (digital and physical), publicity and media coverage (web, radio, visual), social media blanketing and streaming opportunities (such as Streaming For Vengeance). Where most labels have forgotten the concept of actually marketing a release sensibly, BraveWords Records will construct a viable and comprehensive marketing plan, including visibility at, which attracts a million visitors monthly. BraveWords Records has all senses on high alert as the music industry continues its never-ending transitioning, so the artist will always be aware of new opportunities to build their brand and strive for world domination. BraveWords will also have a focus on licensing film and TV content, both contemporary and retrospective across many genres. As artists and labels transition to the many new mediums available today for their work, BraveWords intends to stay ahead of the curve in providing and actively seeking opportunities for our roster of clients.

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