Eric Sadorf AKA DJ MetalGod Removed From MDR For Posting Hate Speech On Social Media! Saturday August 11 2018, 3:06 PM
Eric Sadorf AKA DJ MetalGod Removed From MDR For Posting Hate Speech On Social Media!

Attention staff, friends, fans, bands, labels, and promoters: We at Metal Devastation Radio attempt to create an environment where all people are welcome and can feel comfortable and at ease while on our website and in interacting with our DJs. We have DJs from all over the world, and each of them are unique people with their own views on life, politics, religion, etc. We do not discriminate and we welcome individuality of all kinds. However, we draw the line at hate speech and racism when our radio station is involved. Many of you may have seen that this morning, we made the tough decision to let Eric Sadorff (aka DJ Metal God) go, and he will no longer be a part of our staff at MDR.

This was a tough decision, but Eric was representing himself as one of our DJS on Facebook, and we can no longer associate ourselves or our growing and thriving business with this sort of hate speech. I do not care if people love Trump (although I despise him), and I do not care if someone wants to hate on liberals (I am not a fan, either), etc...but I draw the line at wanting to punch black people "back to the civil war", calling Mexicans "wetbacks", and making tacky statements about NFL players breaking their legs while running from cops, being ghetto, etc.

What someone thinks and believes is their business, but it is not okay to drag our business, which we have worked so hard for, down and tarnish our name. We apologize to anyone who has seen these things and who may have been offended and upset by his statements. I also apologize to the fans of DJ Metal God, as I know it is likely upsetting to you that he will no longer be with us.

I do hope that you understand why we made this decision, and that we will protect our business, our fans, the bands, and everyone associated with our radio station at all costs. Differing ideas and opinions are welcome at MDR. Hate is NOT.

Below are some screenshots of some of the things Eric was posting on his FB page in between promoting MDR? 38903796_542909206144694_4675282621381476352_n.jpg







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