New Promo: Gürschach - T.L.C. - (Alternative Metal/Progressive Metal) Friday August 11 2023, 2:06 PM
New Promo: Gürschach - T.L.C. - (Alternative Metal/Progressive Metal)

Release Date: 8-13-23

FFO: Deftones, System of A Down, A Perfect Circle

Location: San Francisco

Like a calm lake hiding a monster below, Gürschach's newest track “T.L.C.” breathes a fierce energy behind its laid back groove. The new single was initially written for the group’s Hypnotic Disasters - EP that they released in January 2022, but is now seeing its release through the group’s collaboration with TechZone Audio. This track was conceptualized as a sensual trance reminiscent of the alternative metal greats, inviting the listener to a breathtaking dance with a violent sadist masquerading as a smooth operator. As their third track working with legendary engineer Ulrich Wild, T.L.C. seeks to test the limits of how heavy a chill song can be. 

The new single is accompanied by a music video filmed by Opposition Productions, which starts off seemingly normal in the band’s rehearsal room. However, the tone sets very quickly when the singer utters the phrase “good morning my sunshine, are you ready?” in the most spine-chilling way you could imagine. 

Alongside the band performances, some black and white scenes depict the story that the lyrics are telling. It starts off as if you are picking up a girl at the bar and taking her back home. However, instead of an apartment, the two of you end up in the middle of the woods. From here, things keep getting more intense as polaroids, handcuffs, and chains get involved. You’re constantly left wondering what is gonna happen next, yet surprisingly the girl seems on board with all of it. Or is she? 

This song clearly touches upon themes of BDSM culture, as evidenced by lines such as “it is only through submission that the pleasure is efficient” and “look how beautiful you become once you submit,” but the video leaves a sense of unease that makes you question whether it’s meant to be taken as kinky fun or perhaps something much more sinister. This ambiguity feels deliberate, as if the band is leaving that question up to you to answer. So what do you think? Does this song scratch a deep itch within you, or does it make the hairs on the back of your neck stick out?

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