MAX BOOGIE OVERDRIVE Debuts 'Suffer Sister' Video @TheObelisk! Thursday April 27 2023, 9:23 AM
MAX BOOGIE OVERDRIVE Debuts 'Suffer Sister' Video @TheObelisk!
Like a beach bonfire bong hit,  MAX BOOGIE OVERDRIVE ’s super-fuzzed-out sound sets the scene. Custom vans, hotrod muscle, sunburnt beaches, legalized weed, and big haze riffs, all set about in a whirlwind of Keith Moon-esque drumming.

Max Boogie Overdrive  was originally conceived in 2022, as a recording project between guitarist Max Boogie a.k.a. Jim Bacchi (Hittman, Fuzzbubble, The Tikiyaki Orchestra) and Drop Dee a.k.a. Daren Ford (Red Square Black, Ravine, The Generals) as a way to pursue their passion for all things Stoner and Boogie… mammoth guitar riffs, bellowing vocals, and the swagger of early '70s Detroit rock n’ roll -- dirty, fuzzy, with just a dusting of doom, and whole lotta boogie (not Disco… Heavy Boogie Rock).

The cyclonic drumming of Tom ‘Knuckles’ Hernandez (Lords of Altamont, Superbeez) propels the band past the sludge and doom pace, and guitarist Richard ‘RC’ Clark’s guitar adds the necessary beef to the mix, fattening up the tone, and added vocal duties. 

The upcoming debut album ‘Stoned Again’ (expected later in 2023) includes the first single “Suffer Sister” - debuting today at  The Obelisk  - that offers up a dirty Motörhead vibe. Other songs “The Devil Knows My Name” and “Van Boogie” conjure the spirit of the more current Sabbath-influenced desert rock scene. And then there is the KISS thing… you know, those early records when they were heavy. “Demonaire” and ”Bomb Incoming” bring the Demon to mind (when Gene Simmons was still cool).

Max Boogie Overdrive ’s stoney, toasted So-Cal vibe makes them not your average desert/doom band, yet can roll in that caravan nonetheless. Hey man, pass that spliff…

Today, jump in and take a spin within the "Suffer Sister" video debuting at  The Obelisk . The band gives us some instructions:


"Some filthy-ass boogie for y’all. Light up and turn it up, Muthatruckers!" obelisk/2023/04/26/max-boogie- overdrive-suffer-sister-vid- premiere/

Max Boogie Overdrive:

Lead/Rhythm Guitar - Max Boogie (Jim Bacchi)
Vocals/Bass - Daren (Drop Dee) Ford
Drums - Tom (Knuckles) Hernandez
Rhythm/Lead Guitar - Richard (RC) Clark

After eyeing the "Suffer Sister" video streaming at  The Obelisk , hit up the  Max Boogie Overdrive  Bandcamp page to download the track:

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