Nomadic Narwhal - Fathoms - Part IV - Hadal Zone - Reviewed By Metal Digest! Thursday April 6 2023, 6:21 PM
Nomadic Narwhal - Fathoms - Part IV - Hadal Zone - Reviewed By Metal Digest!

Nomadic Narwhal - Fathoms - Part IV - Hadal Zone - Reviewed By Metal Digest ! Check it out here at this link:

New Year’s Eve Eve brought us the fourth and final instalment of the “Fathoms” series of EP’s. Rounding out an over-arching concept depicting nature’s most enigmatic and primordial of environments as a stratified journey from the warmth and relative safety of the tropical sea’s sunlit surface, right down to the crushing density in the absolute darkness of the oceanic trenches.  

Jesse Beisner is composer, instrumentalist, programmer, sound recordist and engineer, and his vision, this epic evocation exists to serve a purpose. We can only destroy our environment once; when it dies, so do we. Awareness and knowledge of how we are abusing our dominance of this fragile Blue Dot in the vast emptiness of space is a worthy precursor for actually doing something to protect it. And before you roll your eyes thinking this has been some navel-gazing exercise with whale song with kale and turmeric Peace-Biscuits to complement the interpretive dance and finger painting; this sonic journey has blast-beats, black guitar tones, tectonic riffs, and the whole thing closes with a euphoric, almost orgasmic, screeching race back to the surface with dense polyrhythms, cataclysmic chugs and shred, and an actual fucking church organ giving it the full-beans to enrich the widescreen cinematic sound. 

So finally, that’s the full thing above for all to experience. I’ve been listening to the unveiling of each part of this project, and have enjoyed being along for the ride. Sometimes it has been difficult to describe and rate music that is clearly a small piece of something so much bigger, however it has never felt a chore as the musicianship and production are simply superb. It does now exist in its entirety as an almost unbroken 50 minutes of enjoyable Progressive Metal from the “Melodic School”. And please go enjoy it for being unashamedly exactly what it is; you can admire the concept and message if you wish, or just simply enjoy the music as an entity of itself. Metal Digest

Release Date: 12/30/22

FFO: Devin Townsend, Amon Amarth, Nightwish

Location: Dayton, Ohio

For more than just ocean lovers, Nomadic Narwhal takes a new path in sonic storytelling. With a cocktail of modern metal, underwater sound design, and cinematic drama; Nomadic takes you on a journey from the beaches to parts unknown. While keeping plenty of room open to interpretation, it is clear that this is not a guided tour. This is an oceanic odyssey shared between artist and listener.

The fourth and final part of the Fathoms album from Nomadic Narwhal marks the reaching of the sea floor however not the end of the journey. With the signature open to interpretation approach, it is safe to say there is plenty to explore in this sonic trek to the bottom. From striking choral harmonies to underwater sound design we are transfixed between the shifting of tectonic plates and the depths of the deepest trenches there is to offer. 

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About Fathoms:

Fathoms is a four part concept album exploring the different atmospheric zones in the ocean. Starting from the surface and ranging to the sea floor, each pelagic zone has its own curiosities and mystique. In short, Nomadic dedicates 3 songs per zone to musically capture the atmospheres encountered on a journey from topside to the deepest chasms of the ocean. 

Part IV - Hadal Zone (Hadalpelagic Zone) is based on the always shifting and unstable sea floor / trenches. The deepest chasms of our planet.


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