Never Reborn - Interview II - The Zach Moonshine Show Saturday March 25 2023, 12:08 PM
Never Reborn - Interview II - The Zach Moonshine Show

'Never Reborn' joins The Zach Moonshine Show, to talk about their latest release 'Ashes of Our Past', and much more! We play new music from the band as well as many other brand-new releases and classics from: Red Wine Ride, Space Hamster, Shield Of Snakes, Pantera, Leo Metal, CATEGORY VI, Smoulder, Necrotion, BELTFED WEAPON, IMMORTAL, Watain, Xalpen, Unpure (Sweden), NEANDERTHAL, Snailbones, VAULTWRAITH, Reign Of Vengeance, Doomcult, and CYSTIC EMBALMENT!

Track List:

Battle Of The Bands Winners Top 3!

1 - Devil Made Me - Red Wine Ride
2 - Black Tooth Uprising - Space Hamster
3 - Down With The Ship - Shield Of Snakes

4 - The Zach Moonshine Intro

5 - Strength Beyond Strength/Slaughtered/Throes Of Rejection - Pantera
6 - 99 Luftballons (Metal Version) - Leo Metal
7 - Barracuda (Heart) - CATEGORY VI
8 - Victims of Fate - Smoulder
9 - Never Reborn - Interview featuring Never Reborn/Existence Denied/Ashes of Our Past
10 - Son Of Dog - Necrotion
11 - Darkened Demise - BELTFED WEAPON
12 - War Against All - IMMORTAL
13 - Sworn to the Dark - Watain
14 - KÒLPÈWSH (Serpents Dance) - Xalpen
15 - Megalithic Gateways/Northern Sea Madness - Unpure (Sweden)
16 - A Simple God Complex - NEANDERTHAL
17 - Dead Inside - Snailbones
18 - Wax Cylinder Apparition - VAULTWRAITH
19 - She's Best Kept Headless - Reign Of Vengeance
20 - Serpent - Doomcult

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Release Date: March 18, 2023

FFO: Kreator, Carcass, Destruction, Death

Location: Tucson, AZ USA

Combining elements of Thrash, with touches of Black and Classic Heavy Metal, this 3-piece outfit from Arizona has an unmistakable sound all their own.

Independently released in March of 2023, their sophomore release “Ashes of Our Past” is a big step forward for the band. The maturity in their songwriting is evident, from the opening clean guitar passage of “Storms End” to the closing thrash attack of “Requiem (World of Hurt). The official lyric video for the first single “Children of Fire” can be seen on YouTube and the full album can be found on all streaming platforms.

Sharing the stage with bands such as Soulfly, DRI, Master, Warbringer, Enforcer, Claustrophobia, Taipan, and Phobia, Never Reborn have refined their live performances and songwriting skills.

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