Rainy Day Activities You Can Enjoy While Listening To Heavy Metal Friday March 24 2023, 8:57 AM
Rainy Day Activities You Can Enjoy While Listening To Heavy Metal

A grey, wet, and gloomy day can dent the good humor of even the most cheerful and upbeat metalheads. 

However, the good news is that, if you are keen to distract yourself from the weather with some stimulating indoor activities, there are plenty of options that can be enjoyed while playing your favorite metal songs in the background. If you’re keen to find out what they are, then without further ado, let’s explore some of the activities that listening to metal is sure to enhance. 

Working Out

Whether you have your own workout equipment at home, or you like to take your iPod to the gym or out for a run, creating a heavy metal soundtrack for your workouts can give you the motivation to put your full strength into exercising. It doesn’t matter if your favorite band is Trivium, Slipknot, Metallica, or Cannibal Corpse - those soaring riffs, pounding drums, and throbbing bass lines are surely the ideal backdrop for pushing yourself to perform your personal best.

As if you needed any more convincing, research has revealed that upbeat music can improve motivation while exercising , and many types of metal are surely as ‘upbeat’ and adrenaline-pumping as you can get. So, what are you waiting for? Keen athletes, reluctant runners, and dedicated iron-pumpers shouldn’t hesitate to compile a motivational metal playlist for their next workout. 

Sample Some Metal-Themed Online Slots

If you enjoy trying out different online casinos, then you can combine two interests in one and give some metal video slots a try. Some of the biggest bands in the world now have online slots to their names, from Megadeth to Motorhead. These slots will, of course, feature the bands’ hits as a backing track, but you can always opt to create your own metal playlist to make your spins even more exciting. 

For metalheads that are new to the iGaming world, it may be best to start off gently and dip a toe in the water with the help of some promotions. For instance, you can take advantage of these PlayLive casino promotions to find out what online slots are all about. 

Start Your Own Blog

If you have been nursing dreams of becoming a writer, then a rainy day affords you the perfect opportunity to get started. Perhaps you have an ambition to become the next Stephen King or Lionel Shriver; perhaps you want to become a famous poet, or maybe even pen your own metal-themed memoirs or cookbook. 

A good way to start could be by launching your own blog – you could even make it metal-focused. In that case, playing your best-loved metal albums in the background while you create it is the perfect soundtrack. Writing a blog can be beneficial as not only will it help you practice your writing and start building up a following, but you may even be able to use it as a way of earning some extra income.

Do The Housework

Granted, doing the housework may not be most people’s idea of an enjoyable rainy day activity, but unfortunately it’s a necessity – and a gloomy day is the best time to do it. After all, you won’t feel like being stuck indoors cleaning when the sun’s shining and the sky is as blue as cornflowers. 

Of course, we all know how tedious housework can be. Even if you’re a big fan of Martha Stewart and enjoy spending time baking, knitting, or even making your own clothes, cleaning the bathroom isn’t high on the list of fun activities. But that’s where playing some metal in the background can be of assistance. 

Did you know that research has revealed that listening to metal – especially death or black metal , but perhaps any genre will help – can sharpen your focus and boost your productivity into the bargain? This makes it the ideal music to keep you motivated and stop you from getting bored to tears while removing stubborn toothpaste stains from the sink. 

Get Creative

Whether you love drawing, painting or crafting - or you think you would like to give them a go - a gloomy wet day is the perfect opportunity. You could discover that you have a previously undiscovered talent. At the very least, absorbing yourself in a creative activity can prove cathartic , and can help you to relax and unwind. 

As music can help to stimulate creativity, you can compile a suitably evocative playlist of the metal hits you find most inspiring to help you in your artistic endeavors. You may find that you enjoy being creative so much that it becomes a regular part of your weekly routine, no matter what the weather’s doing.

Emptying The Dog 

If you own a dog – particularly if you live in an apartment, without ready access to a backyard – then the unfortunate reality is that the dog needs to be walked, even if it’s raining – well, cats and dogs. 

To give you the motivation you need to don your raincoat and boots and step out into the deluge with your beloved pet, you should put on some particularly stirring metal tracks for encouragement. Putting on some headphones while you walk your dog can help you lose yourself in the music, and can distract you from whatever unpleasant things are going on in the wider world. It can even make picking up after your dog a slightly more enjoyable experience, as at least you’ll have good music to listen to while you poop scoop. 

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, you have gleaned some inspiration from this selection of activities you can do on a rainy day while listening to metal. Of course, the list is by no means exhaustive and you can probably come up with plenty of your own. The important thing is that you take some time out of your hectic schedule to relax and enjoy your favorite music, as it’s sure to help lift your spirits, even when the world outside is wet and grey. 

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