New Single: Sidewalk Mafia - Soulcrushers - (Blackened Metal / Doom Metal / Goth) Wednesday March 22 2023, 4:30 PM
New Single: Sidewalk Mafia - Soulcrushers - (Blackened Metal / Doom Metal / Goth)

Release Date: March 24th 2023

FFO: Paradise Lost | Type O Negative | Cradle Of filth | Opeth | Carcass | Amorphis

Location: Helsinki, Finland

"Soulcrushers" is the first single from the upcoming album. The sound of the single is typical of Sidewalk Mafia: Heavy, Oppressive but also melodic and fresh. It's a true story about a friend who was persecuted by evil and it almost took his life. Sidewalk Mafia is a blackened doom metal band(trio) from Helsinki, Finland. The band's sound is extremely heavy and oppressive with low tuned guitars. Sidewalk Mafia was founded in 2020 by vocalist/guitarist Tommi Paroles and drummer/vocalist Johannes Wolfpathon. The band released their debut full-length album "72 Hours" as a digital version in May 2022 via Italian label Sliptrick Records. 

The band just came back from the UK Tour(March 2023) where the reception was great.

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Sidewalk Mafia are:
Tommy Paroles – Vocals/Guitars

Johannes Wolfpathon – Drums/Vocals 

Tom O´Valley - Bass

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