OZZY OSBOURNE Purchases Truck Full Of Ice To Keep Cool During Heatwave Saturday July 21 2018, 10:43 PM
 OZZY OSBOURNE Purchases Truck Full Of Ice To Keep Cool During Heatwave

Ozzy Osbourne had a truck full of ice dropped into his swimming pool during last week's heatwave in Southern California.

According to his wife Sharon , the legendary BLACK SABBATH singer had a "brilliant idea" to order blocks of ice to throw in the family's backyard pool so he could enjoy a refreshing dip after Los Angeles was hit by scorching temperatures a few days ago.

However, the plan apparently backfired, with Sharon posting an Instagram photo of the ice melting in the pool and captioning it: " Ozzy 's brilliant idea to cool the pool during last week's heatwave. 3000 lbs of ice = 3 degrees cooler."

Sharon talked about Ozzy 's failed attempt during Wednesday's (July 18) episode of her daytime show "The Talk" (see video below).

"When Ozzy went into the pool, there was no heater on, [but] it was boiling hot, and it was boiling hot outside," she recalled. "He goes, 'I can't take this, I need it to be cold.' So he came up with this idea of putting the ice in..."

"It did nothing...!" she exclaimed. "Three degrees lower and Ozzy goes, 'All right, we just gotta get more,' and I'm like, 'No, it doesn't work!'"

Sharon ended up having to put her foot down in order to prevent her husband from trying to have more ice delivered to their home: "I wouldn't let him! These poor guys bringing this ice!" she laughed.

She added that Ozzy 's urgency in wanting the water to be cooler was caused by the fact that "he likes to work out, then jump into a cold pool. That's what he likes. And it was, like, you can't do it. So now, we're having a cool thing put on the pool to make the water icy cold." Via Blabbermouth

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