New Promo: sickOmania - PROMO 2023 - (METAL) Tuesday February 28 2023, 1:35 PM
New Promo: sickOmania - PROMO 2023 - (METAL)

Release Date: TBA (looking for a label)


Location: Denmark / Sweden

sickOmania is a Danish/ Swedish metal act formed in 2019. We released our debut album in November 2021 via Gateway Music, on both LP, CD and digital. The album received great reviews and was followed up with two music videos. We are currently looking for a serious management and a record company to release and promote our second album. sickOmania is now shopping our 'Promo 2023' CD containing 4 tracks, all of which will be on the forthcoming album. sickOmania plays metal, where both magnificent melodies and fierce aggression twist and merge in a universe completely outside fixed genre frameworks. It is detailed music played with great energy, curiosity and added an almost cinematic angle.

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Fyrsten - vocals 
Arne - guitar 
Daniel - guitar 
Jesper - bass
Lawrence - drums 

The band members have previously had great success in other bands such as Dominus, Loch Vostok, Nightrage, Furious Trauma, Shadowspawn, Manticora, Timeless Hall, Carnal Forge.

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