TYPE O NEGATIVE And CROWBAR Members Launch New Project Called EYE AM Thursday February 23 2023, 9:10 PM
TYPE O NEGATIVE And CROWBAR Members Launch New Project Called EYE AM

Former TYPE O NEGATIVE members Kenny Hickey (guitar/vocals) and Johnny Kelly (drums) have joined forces with Kirk Windstein (guitar, vocals; CROWBAR, DOWN, KINGDOM OF SORROW) and Todd Strange (CROWBAR, DOWN) in a new band called EYE AM.

EYE AM is currently in Gainesville, Florida preparing to enter the studio to begin recording its debut single. The recording sessions will be overseen by bassist Roger Lima of LESS THAN JAKE at his studio called The Moathouse.

Two days ago, Windstein shared on social media that he was flying from his home in New Orleans to Florida "to jam and write with 3 talented Guys!!!" He later posted pictures of the studio as well as of the four members of EYE AM in a room playing together.

In addition to their work with TYPE O NEGATIVE, Hickey and Kelly had previously collaborated in a band called SEVENTH VOID, which released one full-length album, "Heaven Is Gone", in 2009, and SILVERTOMB, which issued "Edge Of Existence" in 2019.

In a 2018 interview with Rock And Roll Fables, Hickey stated about his chemistry with Kelly: "I've been working with Johnny long before TYPE O. I met Johnny probably in 1986. TYPE O formed in 1989, so we were already in a thrash band together. Basically, we grew up and learned everything the wrong way together and had to work it out over the course of the years. [Laughs] For me, it's completely natural with him. We got better at it. Dude, you do something for 35 years, I hope you're getting better at it."

Original CROWBAR bassist Strange returned to the band in 2016 for the touring cycle in support of the band's "The Serpent Only Lies" album.

Strange, who originally left CROWBAR back in 1999, stuck around for two years before departing once again to focus on his family life.

CROWBAR frontman Windstein, who also plays in the New Orleans supergroup DOWN, released two albums with HATEBREED's Jamey Jasta under the KINGDOM OF SORROW banner. Kirk's debut solo album, "Dream In Motion", arrived in 2020.

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