New Promo: Warp - Bound by Gravity - Stoner/Doom/Proto-Metal - (Nasoni Records) Tuesday February 7 2023, 11:29 AM
New Promo: Warp -  Bound by Gravity - Stoner/Doom/Proto-Metal - (Nasoni Records)

Release Date: February 1st, 2023. 

FFO: Electric Wizard, Witch, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

Location: Tel Aviv

Warp emerged from the sewers of south Tel Aviv by members of the local Punk scene who had the passion for a heavier sound, riff driven jams and just hard on rock and roll. After years of slow brewing their sound on local stages and endless rehearsals, the group had recorded their debut self-titled LP and released it through  German label Nasoni Records in 2019. The record displayed the band as an upcoming Proto-Metal outfit with a punk edge which was received favorably around the world. Following that, the band went on a European tour in which they were exposed to new audience and shared the stage with some of the bigger names of the Stoner realm – Dopelord, Valley of the Sun, Ecstatic Vision, Nightstalker etc. Since then, the band took the COVID   period to dig a bit deeper into their sound and writing, embodied a lot of their personal influences and  contributed equally to the process, which resulted with a brand new album, titled “Bound by Gravity”, filled with heavy, gloomy-but-groovy tunes that we’re more than happy to share with the world. On February 1st we’ll release our new record titled “Bound by Gravity” through Nasoni Records.

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