Observer - Demo EP - Reviewed by allaroundmetal! Thursday January 26 2023, 2:29 PM
Observer - Demo EP - Reviewed by allaroundmetal!

Observer - Demo EP - Reviewed by allaroundmetal ! Check it out here at this link:

Another tour, another band that is going to replenish the American Death/Doom scene: in the wake of groups that in a short time have definitely made a name for themselves (Mortiferum, Spectral Voice, Worm, but also Krypts and Corpsessed in Finland), arv├Čivano from Indiana the Observer, quartet making their debut with this short album simply titled "Demo EP". Five medium-short pieces for 1/4 of an hour of lysergic guitars and sulphurous atmospheres to accompany the deep growl of Jeff Looney, in a vortex of sonorous violence which, like a swamp, drags the listener second after second towards the bottom, into an abyss of filthy rottenness that, for those who love this particular sound, will leave quite satisfied. On a purely musical level, the Observers say nothing new: if you are familiar with these sounds you will have no problem navigating the plots of an EP which, as far as we are concerned, does its job properly, that is, entertaining the fans properly. of the genre and, above all, to present a first business card of a band that seems to move at ease in this whirlwind of sonic rot and brutal violence. More "more of the same"? Yes, absolutely. But also, as Doc Brown said in Back to the Future: who cares. Sufficient trust for the Observers as for the absolute debut: we expect good things for the future. Ah.. and also to know the complete line up maybe. allaroundmetal

Release Date: 12/31/2022

FFO: Cerebral Rot, Mortiferum, Krypts

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Short Bio: Observer. is a 4-piece death metal band from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our goal is to seamlessly incorporate a dark and cavernous sludgy doom energy into the classic death metal sound, while also applying whatever genres/moods feel necessary in our writing process.

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