Skarthia - Legacy - Reviewed By rockportaal! Thursday January 26 2023, 12:37 PM
Skarthia - Legacy - Reviewed By rockportaal!

Skarthia - Legacy - Reviewed By rockportaal ! Check it out here at this link:

Skarthia is a death/groove metal band from London. In March 2012, the band released their debut Retaliate before going on tour and finally performing at the Bloodstock Festival in 2015.

Then they were already writing and recording the album Legacy. I don't know what happened between 2015 and 2022, but in the end the album was recorded twice before it was released in 2022. The artwork of the album did not come about by itself either. After about a year, the final cover design was ready, with eight sections around the supernova, all of which have a connection to a composition on the album.

An album that sounds energetic and powerful. Skylone then starts acoustically and serenely, but when the knob is turned to metal, the band goes wild. Striking in the sound of Skarthiais the groove that comes along regularly or the staccato riff that drums your fills loose like in Alpha or Knives. That riff is guided around the melody and it is the diversity of singing styles that sets the tone. What is certain is that it is difficult to sit still with this music. Halfway through Knives it is nice when suddenly there is a point of recognition with regard to the music of Arch Enemy. Later on the album, the influence of Arch Enemy is also present in the composition Fearless. It is characterized by fast rousing riffs with a strong melody running through them. The solid drumming provides the necessary speed

Other angles can be found in Ghosts that could have run away from Lamb Of God. However, Skarthia is more than a collection of influences. It's the overarching feeling you get when listening to Legacy. An album that can certainly also be very surprising, as in Tohu Va Vohu. That is a special composition in which a lot happens. Death metal influences can be found in a mainly melodic whole. The guitar melodies and solos in between are wonderful to listen to and immediately give the composition a different character, moving from heavy metal via death metal to a light djent sound. The female vocal part towards the end is special.

It's all nice and groovy and fierce. With Bloodlust, Choke and the closing track Of Flesh. Or Flesh is a closing groove monster that rages fiercely. The game with the various singing techniques fits nicely in this energetic and above all adrenaline-increasing composition.

Legacy is therefore a nice album. It is groovy, has similarities with Arch Enemy and Lamb Of God, but above all it is also surprising, energetic and fresh. - rockportaal

Release Date: 21st November 2022

FFO: At The Gates, Sylosis, Lamb of God

Location: London, UK

Formed in 2009, Skarthia is a melodic death/groove metal band from North London, UK. Their debut album, "Retaliate", was released in March 2012 to much critical appraisal. The band toured the album throughout the UK with a career-defining set at Bloodstock Festival 2015. During this time, their sophomore release, "Legacy", underwent writing and pre-production, being recorded twice, with the final set of recorded songs released in November 2022. The album was mixed by David Caplinger of Soothsayer Audio (Shattered Sun, Karybdis) and mastered by Mike Kalajian of Rogue Planet Mastering (Machine Head, A Day To Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, Silverstein). The lifecycle of recording was tumultuous, the band was held together purely by the love of the music alone. They completed the recording in 2020 before mixing and mastering it that same year. As with the recording, having the artwork designed in line with the band's vision was also tricky and required a year of work. The sheer passion in the face of what was lost is heard in the music recorded on the album. The blood, tears and anguish were shared amongst all involved. However, this resulted in a sound brimming with sonic power. The album's lyrics deal with pre-determination, the personal destiny that appears in cycles. Birth to death, human nature, sins of the father passed down and repeated. The album cover comprises 8 sections around a circle with a supernova in the middle. These sections (including the middle) each relate to a song on the album.

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