Sarah Halter (USA) - The Doom That Binds Us - Reviewed By rockportaal! Wednesday January 18 2023, 12:46 AM
Sarah Halter (USA) - The Doom That Binds Us - Reviewed By rockportaal!

Sarah Halter (USA) - The Doom That Binds Us - Reviewed By rockportaal ! Check it out here at this link:

In 2002 Halter signed with Sparrow Heart Records, the year before she released two songs on the single A Clockwork Destiny. The new EP has become a real one-woman action. Halter is responsible for the production, the recording and, of course, the performance.

Halter combines different styles on these four songs. There are influences from progressive metal, but also death and symphonic metal. In this way it becomes a beautifully varied whole and at the same time gives an excellent outline of what Halter has to offer.

The whole EP lasts just over fifteen minutes, opener Scatter is a slow doom metal song. Dragging riffs with infectious vocals that become raw and primitive at the end. In the song Bad Touch the structure is more or less the same, the song starts quietly and starts to sound heavier towards the end.

On Ravenlore the emphasis is more on the riffs, it is a relatively quiet rock song. The closing piece is the title track of the EP, The Doom That Binds Us. Here all registers open again, death metal and doom are combined and Halter delivers a strong song. All in all an excellent EP that is definitely worth checking out. - rockportaal

Release Date: January 20, 2023

FFO: Jinjer, Tristania, Killswitch Engage

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

After signing to Sparrow Heart Records in 2022, Sarah Halter follows up A Clockwork Destiny, a two-song single released in 2021, with a completely self-produced, self-performed, and self-recorded four-song EP -The Doom That Binds Us. 

Teaming up again with Matt Very of Very Tight Recordings for mixing and mastering, Sarah utilizes a modern metal sound that draws influence from progressive, alternative, symphonic, and death metal that brings a fresh approach to songwriting and musicianship in the metal world.

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EP Credits:

- ALL MUSIC performed and recorded by Sarah Halter
-Mixed and Mastered by Matt Very of Very Tight Recordings
-Album Art - Hannah Halter-Haring
-Artist Name Logo - Maxwell Aston Art

-Record Label - Sparrow Heart Records


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