Gene Simmons Says Former KISS Members Cannot Wear Makeup On Final Tour Tuesday July 17 2018, 9:46 PM
 Gene Simmons Says Former KISS Members Cannot Wear Makeup On Final Tour

KISS co-founder, bassist and singer Gene Simmons was recently interviewed by Marko Syrjala of Finland’s Imperiumi.

Simmons was asked about KISS‘ rumoured last tour which is expected to last a couple of years.

In terms of whether the next KISS tour that is starting in February 2019 will be the final tour, Simmons replied: “I don’t know.”

With respect to any plans to invite some special guests from the past, Simmons stated: “We talked about it. But we haven’t decided anything. The problem is if you bring out a special guest, they come on without makeup. They do. We haven’t really gotten that far.”

Simmons continued: “I do know, but it’s not going to… yeah. You can’t put on the makeup. You’ve been out of the band 20 years. It’s not going to happen. And it’s a difficult question because if we did bring out anybody that was in the band, they can’t put on the makeup.”

In regard to whether there has been talk about having special guests on the next KISS tour, Simmons advised: “Not a lot. No.”

On whether he would you like to have all living members of KISS joining the event when the time comes for KISS to end it, Simmons stated: “It sounds like it should be, but I don’t know yet. We’ll see.”


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