SKOGARMAOR – THE CROOM SAGA'S - Reviewed By obliveon! Tuesday November 22 2022, 3:00 PM
SKOGARMAOR – THE CROOM SAGA'S - Reviewed By obliveon!

SKOGARMAOR – THE CROOM SAGA'S - Reviewed By obliveon ! Check it out here at this link:

With soft music, a rain shower in the background and a little narration, 'The Ale Tale' opens the album "The Croom Saga's". I'm really excited to hear 'Midgard Musings', which roughly translates to 'Thoughts from Midgard'. At the beginning there is the sound of a horn, as known from the series “Vikings”, for example. Fur drums and bear skin rattles are also used. 'Prinsessan Min' is instrumental except for the beginning and the end. In 'Lifgjafi' one hears the sound of the sea, seagulls cry, the talharpa appears as an instrument and again the voice of the narrator is briefly heard. 'First Born Son' has an atmospheric intro and also vocals that sound rather lopsided from the speakers. I can reveal so much about ´2 Hearts Into 1´, than that it's about the song for the (real) wedding anniversary of the creator of "The Crooms Saga ́s". Unfortunately I don't understand the text. The horn sounds again at the beginning of 'The Mighty One' and crows can be heard. The song is about, among other things, Yggdrasil, the world ash tree, an ash tree that embodies the entire cosmos as a world tree. The penultimate track starts with howling wolves, a sound mix of dark drums and dark buzzingWolves Of Odin´ , where the narrator whispers mysteriously. At the end of the 36:24 minutes comes 'Valhalla Kallar á Mig' - Valhalla calls me - that I like as a folk song, also because of its female vocals. If only everything else were just as appealing.

What do I do with what I've heard? "The Crooms Saga ́s" is described as a musical adventure from the Appalachian mountains mixed with nordic dark ambient folk music, penned by black metal musician Zeb Croom (Oculum Dei, Turris Ruina). I honestly expected something completely different than what I was allowed to hear there. Of course, Zeb must have had something in mind when he released it. What that is is often not revealed to me without context.

Zeb dedicates some of the songs to specific family members, while others tell a story that is detached from the family. He can create certain moods with their sound, but in terms of content he rarely takes the listener by the hand. I actually think Zeb's project is cool, but I really miss Nordic dark ambient folk music. Instead, there are many sounds from nature with the instruments and animal sounds already mentioned. Zeb's hope that others can identify with his project will only rarely be fulfilled if he doesn't set up signposts. - obliveon

Release Date: 10/28/22

FFO: Danheim, Nytt Land, Heilung

Location: Asheville NC

 From the foggy mountains of the Appalachia comes forth this new musical adventure from ex black metal musician Zeb Croom ( Oculum Dei, Turris Ruina) First created in the fall of 2020 a mix of Appalachia folk with Nordic folk with dark ambient storytelling.

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