Rotting Empire (Germany) - Buried In The Past - Reviewed By allaroundmetal! Friday November 11 2022, 4:45 PM
Rotting Empire (Germany) - Buried In The Past - Reviewed By allaroundmetal!

Rotting Empire (Germany) - Buried In The Past - Reviewed By allaroundmetal ! Check it out here at this link:

Second studio album for the Germans Rotting Empire, quintet from Bavaria whose name will probably not say much to most, also because ours have released before this "Buried in the Past" (published by Rebirth the Metal Productions) only an Ep in the 2007, "Images of War", and an album in 2012, "Sui Generis". It was then ten years that Rotting Empire had "gone into hiding", continuing the live activity but without releasing anything new to date. Among other things, due to the agency that sent us the promo in the editorial office we had a first alienating approach to this second release of the Teutonic band, having been presented to us as a Death Metal act influenced by Bolt Thrower, Benediction and Grave: maybe only the Swedish band has some hints in the sound of ours, dedicated in fact to a Melodic Death Metal that owes a lot - if not everything - to Amon Amarth and Unleashed. Hence the sense of disappointment that this record leaves, in which the lack of personality on the part of Rotting Empire is all too evident: from the very first notes of the opener "So I", in fact, one immediately has the feeling of simply hear of the emulators of Johan Hegg and associates, "called into question" substantially in each of the songs that make up the tracklist of "Buried in the Past". Not that this album is a bad listening is clear, given that the Bavarian band still puts its own in terms of passion and is well supported by an excellent production, but all, in the end, still leaves a bit with the bitter in the mouth for the above reasons. Overall "Buried in the Past" is a record that reaches sufficiency in our opinion, but the dispassionate advice that we feel we can give to Rotting Empire is to find that extra bit of personality necessary to be able to emerge.

Release Date: 31.07.2022

FFO: Amon Amarth, Bolt Thrower, Arch Enemy

Location: Germany 

Rotting Empire was founded in the year 2000 near the city of Ingolstadt - Germany. Rotting Empire's sound combines numerous facets of harder styles of music. Definitely Death Metal lays the foundation. Strong harmonies and melodies together with a great part of Groove forms the necessary contrast. The first official demo recording entitled "Images Of War" was self-released in 2006. The first long player "Sui Generis" followed in 2012 by Rebirth The Metal Productions . So far, almost 100 performances have been completed, including the Fistfull of Metal Festival and the Down in Flames Festival. They have played gigs with e.g. Crowbar, Six feet Under, Vader, Fleshcrawl, Vomitory, Exrementory Grindfuckers and Totenmond Excited quests at their shows and an ever-expanding fan community do confirm them in their musical mission.

Now check out their new album 'Buried in The Past' which is going to be released at 31.07.2022 through Rebirth the Metal Productions .


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