The Connection Between Cannabis and Music Monday October 31 2022, 3:30 PM
The Connection Between Cannabis and Music

There is no doubt that cannabis and music have a deep connection also backed by science. Stoned listening is typical, and often thought that the same music becomes different when listened to under the influence of a THC-rich dose of cannabis.

Ever since the popularity of cannabis among millennials, every concert smells like pot because the music hits differently. In the late 20th century, scientists discovered that cannabis can improve our sound hearing to 6000 Hz. Since cannabis users are under the influence of euphoria, they like the rhythmic sound even more. Cannabis smoking also increases the sensitivity to sound threshold, giving a better perception of text and speech. In this way, they are able to clearly distinguish between words being said with background music. They can also better distinguish between different musical instruments. 

Music, brain, and cannabis

Research has shown that there is increased activity in the right hemisphere and the parietal area of the brain. The reaction of the brain was recorded before and after using cannabis. The parietal region of the brain corresponds to the processing of information. If this area performs effectively, it adds to the problem-solving activity of the brain. The right hemisphere is directly linked to our imagination and creativity. Since cannabis can have an amplifying effect on both these areas, it makes music and other things even more pleasurable. You must not be surprised to know that musicians from the present and past smoked weed to increase their creativity and come up with comforting thoughts and exciting combinations. 

The history of such artists dates back to 1900 when cab Calloway and Louis Armstrong used the word reefer in their songs. They were famous jazz singers, and after them, most jazz singers started using weed and associated it with jazz. The musicians think they get a special gift of creativity and imagination, and it allows them to refocus on things that matter in a particular genre. However, let's not think that these effects are only limited to the jazz music type. Other genres like hip-hop and reggae also seem to be even better on weed . Although we need more research to scientifically prove the close connection between music and cannabis, music lovers and musicians are sure that it works like a wonder for them, and this enhances imagination, clear sound, speech, and deeper connection that comes from using weed. 


As we know that cannabis has the ability to increase our sensation, it can indeed have a significant effect on how we perceive the music of our choice. Cannabis and music reinforce each other and create a delightful effect on our minds. You don't always have to attend a concert; your headphones will surely give you the same result.  Visit this Online Dispensary in Canada for all your cannabis needs!

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