New Promo: Tinkicker - Mother Valium - (Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Metal) Tuesday October 25 2022, 2:08 PM
New Promo: Tinkicker - Mother Valium - (Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Metal)

Release Date: October, The 21st, 2022

FFO: Black Sabbath, Anubis Gate, Tad Morose

Location: Coppenhagen, Denmark

When a person is looking for answers, she or he can sometimes be confronted with a truth for which he is not prepared. This is the theme of the Danish Tinkicker with their new prog rock / hard rock ballad Mother Valium, which they are releasing as single and video on October 21, 2022 via NRT Records. Founded in 2006 by  guitarist Søren Lindberg and songwriter / drummer Klaus Herfort, Tinkicker released their debut album The   Soliloquy Of The Transparent Boy in 2008, an uncompromisingly brute heavy rock opera with strong influences of progressive rock. This album earned the formation around Klaus Bastian (vocals and guitar), Søren Lindberg,  (guitar), Anna Pinto (bass), and Klaus Herfort (drums) the concise nickname Pink Sabbath. Various   concerts, which led Tinkicker throughout Europe, strengthened the reputation of this band, whose musical work moves between heavy, hard rock, progressive and metal. In March 2011, Tinkicker released their second album  The Playground Of The Abyss, which was praised by press and metal fans alike. Tinkicker were nominated by legendary rock critic Geoff Barton, as the first Danish band, for Album of the Year in Classic Rock Magazine. In 2014 Tinkicker released their third studio album The Cup Of The Lord And The Wine Of Demons, which, like its  two predecessors, is a concept album. Extensive tours, mainly through their native Denmark were played. In  2021, Tinkicker finally signed with the German independent label NRT-Records and reissued their backing  catalog. Currently working on their fourth album Family Bonds, this work is to be a double album and with  Mother Valium, the first appetizer in the form of a melodic hard rock ballad will be released in late October.

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