FREEDUMB - FEVERISH - Reviewed By Powermetal! Sunday August 21 2022, 2:40 PM
FREEDUMB - FEVERISH - Reviewed By Powermetal!

FREEDUMB - FEVERISH - Reviewed By Powermetal ! Check it out here at this link:,39370.html

Quite trivial border crossers between hardcore and punk.

If you look at the band name and the basic musical idea of the Norwegians FREEDUMB, then you can't help but expect a rather obvious SUICIDAL TENDENCIES clone here. After all, the trio from Halden was quite obviously named after the 2001 work of the hardcore/crossover veterans from California. Whether the new EP "Feverish" will justify this comparison, however, may be doubted, after all, my colleague Björn Backes recently went with the penultimate long iron "Feeding The Tapeworm" quite hard into the court and the successor "Post Modern Dark Age" found no place on our pages.

However, I wouldn't go quite as hard into the court as my colleague Backes with the three fresh tracks, because in terms of craftsmanship everything is implemented cleanly for the time being. The gangshouts are neat, the guitars and the drums drive the numbers forward properly and also the vocal performance is quite decent for punk hardcorde realms. Finally, the whole thing is garnished with an old-school and powerful sound. So everything in butter at FREEDUMB? Unfortunately not, because somehow the entire material of the EP seems to be designed according to Scheme-F and especially with the title track and the following 'Sudden Deaf' really no moment makes me sit up and take notice. Instead, the trio somehow rumbles past me quite inconsequentially, which only changes with 'Get Away'. Again, you have heard the basic DNA of the song much more convincingly with other bands, but at least the composition scores with a proper chorus, which bites quite quickly in the ear.

The bottom line is that I don't listen to "Feverish" but not a massive increase to the direct predecessor or the "Feeding The Tapeworm" discussed by my colleague Backes, which is why I would only pull out 5.5 points if we were to award points for EPs. So in conclusion it remains only to say that a test for fans of a crossover between punk and hardcore here might be worthwhile, if you are looking for nice genre food and have already heard everything else. - Powermetal

Release Date: January 26, 2022

FFO: Pennywise, Kvelertak, The Bronx

Location: Viken, Norway

The previous album «Post-Modern Dark Age» came in the autumn of 2019 and the band's concert activities to promote the album in 2020 were interrupted and a performance during Trondheim Calling in 2020 was the band's last concert before everything closed down. In 2021, there were signs of life again from Freedumb and an alternative EP version of the debut album The Freedumb Curse (2010) was released in a limited edition on 12 »vinyl with a silkscreen cover. In September 2021, "Get Away" came as the first single from the upcoming album "Social Hangover" and the song received an overwhelming reception internationally in the alternative rock / punk / metal press.

Freedumb was started by Torstein Magnus Eriksen (Norsk Råkk, Friksjon), Ole Vanem (Knuste Ruter) and Thomas Walland Hansen (The Supervisors) in the winter of 2003 in Moss . In 2010, "The Freedumb Curse" came out on Tonehjulet Kräftpest, and Freedumb was selected for PYRO on NRK's rating "Top 10 most promising bands in 2010". The following year, guitarist Thomas Walland Hansen quit and Kim Trøbråten (Fork) joined. In 2016, the follow-up album "Feeding The Tapeworm" was released on Tonehjulet Kräftpest and Freedumb went on heir most comprehensive Norwegian tour. At the end of the tour, Ole Vanem throws in the drumsticks and in the winter of 2017, Petter Cindahl (Bits Between / Your Epitaph) became the new drummer in Freedumb.

The band started recording a new album with producer Hans Tømmerholen (Bits Between) in the summer of 2017 . In August 2017, Big Day Records released the single "Let it slide" which received rave reviews and sneak onto several official Spotify playlists. In October 2017, the shocking news came that Cindahl had passed away and the band was put on hold. In the spring of 2018, Arne-Magnus Fjelle (Blodstrupmoen) was announced as the new drummer.

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