BLACK HELLEBORE (France) - Release Me - reviewed by hardmusicbase! Sunday August 21 2022, 2:32 PM
BLACK HELLEBORE (France) - Release Me - reviewed by hardmusicbase!

BLACK HELLEBORE (France) - Release Me - reviewed by hardmusicbase ! Check it out here at this link:

The debut surprise is brought to us by the alternative metal French band BLACK HELLEBORE with the album "Disorder". The band, with a desire to mix genres and innovate music to their liking, was founded by singer and guitarist Cyrielle Duval with guitarist and songwriter Anthony Osch alongside drummer Jelly Cardarelli, and their metal alternative could be described as electro symphonic metal, drawing inspiration from gothic rock metal, power metal and melodic death metal. The occasional harmony with Evanescence cannot be overheard, but the music of BLACK HELLEBORE can be reminiscent of the work of Amaranthe. Just not in a profaned pandering form. They can also be compared to our Alia Tempora, but here it is heaven and bagpipes. Pop heaven and metal roaring bagpipes. Cyrielle is an absolutely great singer and playfully puts in her pocket even such celebrities as Elize Ryd, Sharon Den Adel and Floor Jansen. He has a beautiful full voice, he is passionate about fire and the coolness of the water, and he shows all his beauty of emotional feelings and melodic playfulness mainly in the cool relaxed "Unchain" and then in the breathtaking ballad "Mother Earth". And after the ballad affair, the electronic storm "Open Up Your Mind" appears like a bolt from the blue, which Cyrielle opens with such a powerful, slimy poisonous growl that even Alissii White-Gluz from Arch Enemy would drop her jaw into the neckline. And although in this song he continues rather in the pure plane of his voice, he shows that he can play not only with melodies, but also with phrasing. Personally, this song fits the hit of the album and probably not in vain was made a video for it. Well, the growl also appears in the final "Disorder", but there it sounds more like a male orthodoxy, which does not mean that it is also a hilarious alternative metal storm. Well, I'm singing Cyrielle here, as if everything else was just some kind of bush. It may seem that way, but it is definitely a useful bush. Jelly seems to only maintain the rhythm, but it can also run itself off the chain so that it does not give anything for free to the refined playfulness of plastic electronics. Even Anthony keeps his guitar short so as not to disturb the emotional intentions of the songs, but he knows how to work perfectly with transitions between acoustic passages and gothic power metal bliss, from which he often ventures into the predatory melodic death metal waters. And that Anthony is a skilled guitarist proves in guitar solos and got his space mainly in the instrumental "Diffraction". Well, it reminds me, as well as most of the guitar solos, tommy Talamanca from Sadist and what he showed on his solo album this year. However, on the guitar I am a little bothered by its somewhat fuzzy sound. But otherwise BLACK HELLEBORE spawned a great debut in the form of the album "Diaorder" and do not be discouraged by the opening song "My Difference", which is a bit of the most experimental on the album and is massaged by dubstep sounds, which does not seem very wise to me, but against the gusto no dišputát. Viva la France. Viva la BLACK HELLEBORE. - hardmusicbase

Release Date: 14.06.22

FFO: Within Temptation, Amaranthe, Beyond the Black

Location: France

Short Bio: Born from a desire to innovate and mix genres, Black Hellebore is a young French metal band founded in 2021 by singer and guitarist Cyrielle Duval, with guitarist/composer Anthony Osche at her side, as well as drummer/mixer Jelly Cardarelli (ex-Adagio, Disconnected). The band’s music could be classified into alternative metal, because it draws its inspiration from many styles. Their first single/music video "Open up your mind" brilliantly paved the way with a powerful and aggressive mix of power and death metal, carried by a sharp and modern production including electronic vibes. With their second single "My Difference", the band decided to push the experimentation even further: catchy guitar riffs rub shoulders with dubstep sounds, hard rock verses lead us into symphonic choruses. In November 2021, the group released its debut album, entitled « Disorder ». We find on this last one the participation of the famous guitarist Stéphan Forté. Noticed by the French specialized press, the album is very warmly welcomed by the critics and counts many promising reviews, of which one in the Rock Hard Magazine . Not to stop in such a good way, the group decides to release a third "fiery" single from this album: "Release Me". With this first album, Black Hellebore definitely makes a remarkable entry on the European metal scene.

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