FIREPROVEN Premiere Worldwide New Lyric Video 'King' Exclusively via BraveWords! Friday May 13 2022, 3:00 PM
FIREPROVEN Premiere Worldwide New Lyric Video 'King' Exclusively via BraveWords!

Photo: Petri + Inka Inkinen, Guilty Visuals

FIREPROVEN Premiere Worldwide New Lyric Video 'King' Exclusively via BraveWords!

Finnish Prog Metallers FIREPROVEN have teamed up with BraveWords to premiere exclusively worldwide their new lyric video 'King', taken from the band's farewell album "Epilogue" coming out on May 27th.

Watch 'King' video premiering via BraveWords at

Guitarist Janne Väätämöinen shared on 'King':
"There is, in fact, quite a number of different approaches when it comes to the story behind this song. So, it’s kind of a survival story, but I won’t reveal more because I want the listener to be able to understand
it the way they hear it. Sanna and Nuutti assisted with the songwriting, and Ilari’s tense keyboard parts brought the distinctive Fireproven sound to the song. In addition, there’s an awesome guitar solo, which
was super fun to play."

On the lyric video Janne adds:
"Petri Inkinen ( created the spectacular lyric video that we are all proud of. My original idea for the video was a Sin City type world whose black and white world would be replaced with power neon colors. The end result is really great and fits the barracks of the song like a nose to the head."

In January 2022, FIREPROVEN announced that after this album they will be disbanded, thanking their loyal fans releasing "Epilogue" which will remain their last effort, as a band.

"Hello everyone! We hope that 2022 has started well for you guys.
Sadly, we have to announce that Fireproven will no longer continue. There are number of reasons that led us to this decision but we're all still good friends, and will continue to keep it that way. We're going to release our last album later this spring but all shows will be cancelled. We want to thank you all for your love and support during these years. None of this would have been possible without you guys listening to our tracks and showing us your love. Peace and love! Stay healthy!"

"Epilogue" -tracklist:

1. The Maze
2. The Addict
3. King
4. Haunted
5. Time to Heal
6. Dream Catcher
7. Grace
8. Waves of Extinction
9. Unity

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The album coverart was created by Petri Lampela at

Check out the earlier released singles from the album:
'Waves of Extinction' (2021)
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'The Maze' (2021)
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'The Addict' (2020):
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"Epilogue" Album line-up is:
Sanna Solanterä – lead singer
Janne Väätämöinen – guitar and backing vocals
Juha Väätämöinen – bass and vocals
Ilari Hannula – keyboards
Nuutti Hannula – drums

FIREPROVEN is a progressive metal band from Finland. The band is known for their long, imagery songs, as well as their energetic live shows. Their first album 'Future Diary' got great scores in multiple reviews, and International Music Video Contest rewarded their music video Shine for the best director of photography. The band’s unique sound has already inspired people in Europe and overseas.
The band decided to take things to the next level by hiring a new lead vocalist Sanna Sola back in December 2019. Fireproven pride themselves on their technical abilities and musical versatility, breaking boundaries with their uniqueness. 

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