FUGATTA: "The Darkest Planet" - Reviewed By Rocka Rolla! Thursday May 12 2022, 11:30 PM
FUGATTA: "The Darkest Planet" - Reviewed By Rocka Rolla!

FUGATTA: "The Darkest Planet" - Reviewed By Rocka Rolla ! Check it out here at this link: http://rockarollazine.blogspot.com/2022/04/fugatta-darkest-planet-2021-shamash.html

I must confess, I have a weakness for European power metal. That's why, when I listen to albums like "The Darkest Planet," my lips crack a smile that lingers until its last note resonates. The architects of this are the Mexican band Fugatta, active since 2007 and with an EP plus the albums "Mystic Kingdom" (2011) and "Tales Of A New Century" (2019) in its locker. After the continuous defections of the founding members, the current members (Daniel Viña on vocals, Hugo Medina on bass, Homero Lezama on keyboards, Eusebio Medrano on guitar and Ignacio Salmerón on drums) have embraced the style book of power developed in the old continent and have combined the symphonic drama of Italian bands with the speed and neoclassical virtuosity of Nordic formations. If you like Rhapsody, Stratovarius and other bands that grew under their protection, the Quintet of Guadalajara will not leave you indifferent: vertiginous tempos and radiant melodies, overwhelming drums with the double pedal to fixed pinion, formidable guitars and imposing keyboards that are intertwined in excellent duets, and a solvent singer -of fine and high voice- whose Achilles heel is in his imperfect English phonetics.
Overture XXI is the huge orchestral introduction accompanied by a beautiful lyrical chorus of mixed voices that precedes The Dark Land We Belong, a piece of brutal double bass drum on which the brilliant melodies of guitar and keyboards transit, crowned by a passionate chorus. The speedy Sons Of Siria encloses a main verse of those who bristle the skin, an instrumental fragment of ethnic airs and a solo of the school of the master Malmsteen, and Beyond The Light begins with a beautiful flute melody that will be the subtly modified motif on which Daniel will sing some stanzas excellently topped by the drawing of the six strings of Eusebius.
Slaves Of Heaven acquires its own personality for the way Viña cuts the syllables of the first words of the verses and how these are interwoven with the choirs, while Gates Of Atlantis is an instrumental track that evokes Stratovarius, with tons of solos masterfully served by the Medrano/Lezama duo.
Lethal Virus is a slow and emotional semi-ball with a chorus full of drama reminiscent of the first Rhapsody, a song diametrically opposed to Metal Invaders, a fast top power metal with fantastic keyboards and an excellent main verse boosted by an overwhelming bass line and an impetuous drums.
Duality (The Inner War) is another singular piece, with a good riffage of choppy cadence, a surprising bridge -with guttural voices and the insane tapping of Salmerón- and an epic chorus, and the euphoric The Freedom Of My Spirit closes the album in style with a keyboard melody propelled to exhaustion by the overwhelming double combo, a main verse of pure fantasy and the nod to Powerwolf in the punctual martial choirs.
As extra songs, the band presents us, on the one hand, with the Spanish version of The Dark Land We Belong with a superlative solo by Alberto Rionda of Avalanch and, on the other, with the participation in The Metal Invaders of the powerful voice of Ivan Giannini of Vision Divine, who alternates vocal tasks with Daniel Viña. What more can be said... excellent plaque! - Rocka Rolla

Release Date: November 17th, 2021

FFO: Iron Maiden, Royal Hunt, Eternal Champion

Location: Mexico

The band has released its third album called "The Darkest Planet" on November 17th 2021.  Which talks about tight spots all around the world.

This album features very talented guests from Mexico and other countries. Ivan Gianini (Vision Divine) from Italy. Alberto Rionda (Avalanch) Spain. Nelson Quirarte (Insertion Loss) Mexico. Lilith Mendoza Mexico. Christian Vázquez Mexico. Oscar Alcalá (MexicaIrish) Mexico.

Also features a choir formed by awesome musicians from their city.

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Director: Jesús Hagelsieb. Pianist: Antonio Quiroz.
Altos: Isabel Enríquez, Amelia Díaz y Lizette Sánchez.
Sopranos: Laura Echeagaray, Mayra Rosas, Ivón Abraham, Alejandra Luna y Rocío Torres
Tenors: Ezequiel Zavala, Enrique H, Jesús Hagelsieb y Carlos Villegas.
Basses: Santiago Hermosillo, Sergio Chávez y Adolfo Espinoza

The album was mixed by Domingo Trujillo at Dirty Box Studio and mastered by Matias Kupianien (Stratovarius) at 5 by 5 studio.

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Track list:

1.- Overture XXI
2.- The Dark Land We Belong
3.- Sons of Syria
4.- Beyond the Light
5.- Slaves of Heaven
6.- Gates of Atlantis
7.- Lethal Virus
8.- Metal Invaders
9.- Duality (The Inner War)
10.- The Freedom of my Spirit
11.- The Dark Land We Belong (Spanish Version ft. Alberto Rionda)
12.- The Metal Invaders (ft. Ivan Giannini)

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