Children Of The Void (NOR) - Garden Of Bones - Reviewed By! Thursday April 28 2022, 7:17 PM
Children Of The Void (NOR) - Garden Of Bones - Reviewed By!

Children Of The Void (NOR) - Garden Of Bones - Reviewed By ! Check it out here at this link:,39107.html

Lackluster metalcore barge in the wake of PARKWAY DRIVE with occasional highlights.

From the highest north of Norway comes CHILDREN OF THE VOID, a band that is quite atypical for their home country not to cavort the dark abysses of black metal, but crosses the border to Sweden and emulates bands like IN FLAMES or DARK TRANQUILLITY. After two singles last year, the quartet, which will be expanded in the studio by two guitarists, is in the starting blocks with its first EP "Garden Of Bones" to assert itself in the melodic death sector.

However, I would like to question the musical categorization made by the band and the promo agency in view of the opener 'A Mirrored Dimension'. The slow beginning number reminds me quite obviously of "Wishing Wells" of the metalcore high-flyers PARKWAY DRIVE when setting up and also in the meter of the growls, even if the troupe from Bergen never reaches the irresistible catchiness of the Australian role models within the song. A fate that also shares the following 'We Light The Way', which looks a little more in the direction of Gothenburg, but overall rather as tame genre fodder with isolated moments of brilliance, but without a really resounding effect.

'Dreamcrusher' sounds much more convincing, even if I just can't get the obvious PARKWAY DRIVE parallels out of my ear after hearing them once during the opener. For the first time, however, the core corset is loosened up in the third number with a decent nu-metal striking side, which looks surprisingly good to the Norwegians. The following title track is then more of a pipe crepe and does not really come out of the quark with its pounding groove. Especially if you want to put the EP aside in view of this rather meagre yield, the quartet ignites the afterburner again with 'Scream'. Suddenly the guitar melodies sit, the tempo is finally tightened and with subtle melodic hardcore borrowings, the number goes directly into the ear.

A real hit and two solid songs with the opener 'A Mirrored Dimension' and 'Dreamcrusher' make "Garden Of Bones" overall but not yet a strong EP. No, in order to really cause a stir in the metalcore sector, the Norwegians have to go one better. Fortunately, they prove impressively that they have what it takes with 'Scream', but the number on the album promised for the coming year must not remain a flash in the pan. -

Release Date: April 15th, 2022

FFO: Avatar, In Flames, Orbit Culture

Location: Bergen, Norway

Short Bio: Children Of The Void - NOR consists of 4 members +2 session guitarists, all from the metal scene of Bergen Norway. With inspirations from melodeath, thrash and black metal the guitars both swing and crush with their melodies and rhythms on a rock solid foundation of bass and drums while the vocals shred and tear telling of a dystopian universe a mirror to our own.

This ep is a small taste of what is to come from “Children Of The Void - NOR”. In the following year, recording of the full length album will ensue and singles will continue to be released as regularly as possible.

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Track list:

1 - A Mirrored Dimension
2 - We Light The Way
3 - Dreamcrusher
4 - Garden of Bones
5 - Scream
6 - The Next Chapter

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