An*l C*nt Guitarist Josh Martin Dies In Escalator Accident Tuesday May 29 2018, 8:57 PM
An*l C*nt Guitarist Josh Martin Dies In Escalator Accident

Anal Cunt, etc. guitarist Josh Martin died yesterday, May 29th, due to injuries sustained while falling off an escalator in the Providence Place Mall in Providence, RI at around 10:45pm. Martin, who was 45-years-old, suffered severe head trauma in the fall. WPRI report that witnesses had described Martin as “clowning around” and “riding the rail of the escalator” when he fell off backwards and struck his head on a table on the way down, landing in the food court.

Though the identity of the deceased was not immediately revealed, Vanyaland have since confirmed that it was indeed Martin who passed in the accident. Anal Cunt called it quits back in 2011 when their frontman Seth Putnam passed away. Late last year Martin was in the news again after his heckling of Kiss‘ Gene Simmons at a Providence, RI show led Simmons to leave the stage to confront him.

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laura.waldron a tragic prank . i guess 45 years isn't long enough to learn not to do that. Dude has had his share of childish stunts, AC was around for quite awhile. So, this makes three in a row. Ghost fan died, This guy from AC died, and Santolla from Deicide etc, is in a coma. We had a short break of deaths and tragedies, i hope this is it for a long time. \m/
5 years ago
Zach Moonshine
THE BEAST very stupid mistake to make i wonder if he was doped up
5 years ago