CANDELABRUM set release date for new HELLS HEADBANGERS album, reveal first track Thursday March 17 2022, 2:02 PM
CANDELABRUM set release date for new HELLS HEADBANGERS album, reveal first track

Today,  Hells Headbangers  announces April 29th as the international release date for  Candelabrum 's highly anticipated third album,  Nocturnal Trance , on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

Candelabrum  hail from Portugal, renown in the past decade for its polarizing raw black metal scene. The nameless mainman behind the band has been involved within that scene for many years, and even before his native scene found worldwide recognition. And even within that scene/idiom,  Candelabrum  stands alone, enigmatic and electric: his works are slavishly reverential of ancient black metal whilst simultaneously unorthodox. The band's two albums to date, 2016's  Necrotelepathy  and 2018's  Portals , are equally astounding modern classics which emit a strangely shimmering quality amongst an explosion of emotive rawness. Both albums are immersive and mesmerizing experiences unto themselves.

Wisely prizing quality over quantity,  Candelabrum  only emerge from the shadows when a new experience is fully formed and ready to curse/haunt/liberate the listener: at long last,  Nocturnal Trance . Truly titled, this third album is a strident synthesis of its monolithic predecessors as well as form meeting content. Conceptually,  Nocturnal Trance  deals with the same theme of  Necrotelepathy  and  Portals : death and the passage to a different plane, beyond. On those previous  Candelabrum  records, the figure on the front cover is always "moving" - crossing the passage, as it were - but this time, the mainman chose to clearly portray the passage from absolute darkness to an ominous monochromaticism: both a blinding light and a complete lack of it, going beyond darkness and back around to an absence of literally everything.

Such transition poignantly plays out across the five component compositions comprising the 39-minute  Nocturnal Trance . While no less raw than those predecessors - in fact, newcomers to  Candelabrum  will be stunned by such a soundfield - above and below those lysergic layers of the album betray a wealth of new(er) sensations, ones that encompass a respectably wider range of musical moments and emotions. Because indeed,  Candelabrum  is nothing if not emotive, which is all the more amazing given that the chosen canvas is resolutely RAW black metal. Likewise, that range also spans both ends of the spectrum, equally so from delirious dissonance to majestic melody, creating a contrast that paradoxically makes  Candelabrum 's monochromaticism somehow kaleidoscopic.

Darkly uplifting, beautifully violent,  Nocturnal Trance  is everything its title promises it to be. Death is represented as a release, the liberation of the spirit to an unbounded state, and indeed is that what the brave listener will experience here: a triumph over time, space, and matter. As ever,  Candelabrum  hold the keys to the Beyond.

Begin unlocking that Beyond with the brand-new track "Beyond (Back to the Origin)"  HERE  at  Hells Headbangers 's Bandcamp. Preorder info can be found  HERE . Cover and tracklisting are as follow:

Tracklisting for Candelabrum's  Nocturnal Trance

1. Crystalline Telasthesia [9:14]
2. Through the Mirror of Divination [8:24]
3. Poisonous Dark Apparitions [7:59]
4. Beyond (Back to the Origin) [5:41]
5. Into Death's Trance [6:51]





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