On The Loose - Midnight - Reviewed By Metal Integral! Sunday February 20 2022, 5:48 PM
On The Loose - Midnight - Reviewed By Metal Integral!

On The Loose - Midnight - Reviewed By Metal Integral ! Check it out here at this link: http://www.metal-integral.com/chronique.do?chronique_ID=8146&groupe=on-the-loose&album=on-the-loose

As much as some musicians have been depressed during the confinement linked to the pandemic, not being able to rub shoulders with their accomplices in decibels, this forced isolation has been profitable to the Portuguese guitarist Marco MAROUCO. Active in obscure formations (EL FOCS NEGRES, EXTREME UNCTION, PERPETRATÖR, ex-stage guitarist of FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM, ex-SABATAN), our man decided that this was the moment not to be missed to compose and record an album entirely by his hand and by hand. What's more, he wanted to indulge body and soul in a subgenre oh so demanding and daring: the Epic Doom Metal. Diantre, here is one who does not lack audacity.

Appropriating the execution of the bass and drum parts, Marco MAROUCO had the lucidity and good taste to recruit two very talented friends: the singer Flávio LINO (AIRFORCE, MASTER SPY) and the drummer of DAWNRIDER, João Pedro VENTURA. Far from making a fool of themselves, the trio achieves a nice tour de force.
In the first place, the compositions delivered by the mastermind of the project are certainly classic, but solidly structured. Slow rhythms and throbbing riffs unroll their inconsolable sadness over slow tempos. Several elements intervene, which avoid weariness: the catchy approach of the riffs, the hard work of the drummer, all in diversity and movement, without losing an ounce of heaviness. What's more, Marco MAROUCO is particularly successful in the solo field in a Doom context; this guy masters all the paraphernalia of the notes held, almost bluesy in principle, dishevelled precipitation, with a naturalness and ease that camouflage the technicality of the thing. The final result particularly spares the emotionality-technicality-efficiency triangle.

Just after praising the intrinsic qualities of Marco MAROUCO, we must rightly attribute the good part in the success of this album, which belongs to the singer

Remains to evoke an essential element to the success of this album, namely the singing of Flávio LINO, to whom we must rightly attribute an essential part in the success of this album. Rather than multiplying the complex descriptive formulas, I will try to synthesize the equation by stating loud and clear that this singer manages to master the powerful and haunting modulations specific to epic Doom: the emphatic modulations of a Messiah MARCOLLJN, the more dramatic vibrations of a John LOWE (SOLITUDE AETURNUS, CANDLEMASS, TYRANT), the occasional laconicism of a Bobby LIEBLING ( PENTAGRAM), all operated with an absolutely confounding naturalness. Hearing the modulations and intonations used by this singer, we must salute the appropriate expressive load (depressive or epic or combative), the mastery in vocal technicality completes to affix a qualitative seal, both on the side of composition, arrangement, and interpretation. What's more, certain intonations when Flávio LINO rises in the treble with power reminiscent of the legendary Bruce DICKINSON, excuse the little!

Some may regret the general rendering halfway between the muddy rhythms of the classic Doom and the lyrical and epic elevations of the other Doom (more epic, closer to Heavy Metal). For my part, ON THE LOOSE finds from this first album an ideal balance that we fervently hope that a sequel will be concretized, primarily to the other formations in which Marco MAROUCO evolves. - Metal Integral

Release Date: March 20th, 2022

FFO: Candlemass, Sorcerer, Crypt Sermon

With the pandemic no music was allowed on stages so after some personal decisions I had time to do MY album.

I also play in 3 bands: Extreme Unction, Els Focs Negres and Perpetrator, also played with heavy metal maniacs SABATAN and satanic speed metalers OMISSION from Spain did the solos for 3 DECAYED albums and was a live session guitar player for FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM.

 I wanted to do an instrumental album with an orchestra, all the music that you will listen was supposed to be instrumental, but after some months waiting for the orchestrations, from 3 different guys I decided to ask my friend Lino who also sings in a tribute Iron Maiden band Iron Beast and also with the UK based band AIRFORCE to sing in the album.

The album will be released on March 20, 2022, the next equinox with or without a label. Because I want that date and that´s it, this is a one-man project but if there is help from the public this might be a live band. I invited João Ventura from THE LIMIT / Dawnrider to play the drums and asked my friend Rick Thor to write some wonderful lyrics, all the artwork photos taken by me.

Musically expect a mix of Candlemass and Iron Maiden , about the lyrics, are all small little stories each has a concept that leads to a deadly sin. The album has 7 songs 7 deadly sins 

Vocals: Flávio Lino
Drums: João Pedro Ventura
Guitars/Bass: Marco Marouco

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