BLACK ALTAR / VULTURE LORD – 'Deathiah Manifesto Split - Reviewed By Metal Friends! Sunday February 6 2022, 6:32 PM
 BLACK ALTAR / VULTURE LORD – 'Deathiah Manifesto Split - Reviewed By Metal Friends!

 BLACK ALTAR / VULTURE LORD – 'Deathiah Manifesto Split - Reviewed By Metal Friends ! Check it out here at this link:

Like the Ep's and the demos, the shared ones belong to that series of records where many times very interesting things are kept, in this case, it is the product of two old acquaintances in the suburbs of extreme metal; the Poles Black Altar and their Norwegian colleagues from Vulture Lord.

Black Altar comprises a bar of a career of a few throws, prevailing the edition of a few splits, which implies, some authentic experienced in this series of records. This recording features Shadow (Vocal & Bass), Necro (Enshadowed) - Guitars, Thomas Eriksen (Mork) - Guitars and James Stewart (Vader) - Drums. Regarding Vulture Lord, until recently last year they released their second and last album, by the way of very good invoice, also with a certain platform already made in the under, just like their blood brothers, both groups were erected almost in the same years at the end of the 90s. Let's start once and for all with this shared journey!

Black Altar opens the grooves for the path of the left hand with an "Intro", which gives off a congregation ceremony of about two minutes, plus nothing to add here. 'Sacrilegious Congregation' with a lot of adrenaline and the typical pointed guitars of the style, drums at full speed and blasphemy ahead. Good theme to open the disastrous ceremony. 'Nyx', Metal Black, dark and sinister. I love it when they face the way BA takes the song with that melancholic air of pain and hatred all together with the premise of anger against the bastard. You can see the sobriety and security of veterans who dominate the subject with absolute mastery. 'Outro' with a farewell in Latin, fast and fleeting with which the Black Altar Ceremony ends It is the turn of Vulture Lord with 'Dominios of Death'. The Scandinavians mark the ground with nothing more and nothing less with a cover of the Brazilian masters of Vulcano. What a version that these were marked, maintaining respect for the original track and never losing the essence, as a version should be executed!

'Hark! The Hymns of War'; the demonic and Thrash part manifests itself, energy and a lot of power is given here. It's more than three minutes of vibrating at the highest level. 'Bloodstained Ritualknives', the volume of the sound here drops considerably and the brightness becomes a bit confusing and noisier. A song of a single linear take and few changes, equally very furious. We unfortunately come to the end with 'Usurper, Thy Name Is Death'; intro totally made for Black Altar and Vulture Lord by Ludo EvilLejeune, who has already worked for Crest Of Darkness, Vincent Crowley, Conqueror, The Amenta among others.

The artwork had Jenglot Hitam (Abigail, Impiety, Battle Dagorath, etc.), this type of details that often seem implausible as a good graphic work, good introductions are adding points and if they are united with a good selection of themes, it could not go unnoticed. It is a Split with all the law for lovers of underground Metal without commitment, only and only for good art and music, maybe somehow it will pass short its twenty-seven minutes, more or less ... Yes, that's what it's all about; that you listen to it, judge vosotr@s mism@s, and time is only a simple appreciation of reality. Quality Black Metal!!! - Metal Friends

Release Date: January 15, 2022

FFO: Carpathian Forest, Marduk, KRIEGSGOTT 

Location: London, Norway 

Odium Records are proud to announce a new split release from two of the supreme forces in black metal, Vulture Lord and Black Altar , entitled Deathiah Manifesto . Featuring eight songs, including intros created by Ludo 'Evil' Lejeune , the album will be released on vinyl and Digi-pack CD this October . One of the Vulture Lord tracks features vocals recorded by the dearly departed Trondr Nefas , who left this world in 2012, while the Black Altar tracks feature performances from musicians known for their work with Vader , Mork and Enshadowed . The stunning cover artwork has been created by Jenglot Hitam ( Abigail, Impiety, Sabbat etc.) and the whole package is an unmissable expression of infernal hate!

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The split was released as a Digi pack in the shape of inverted cross and as regular black and die-hard version in March. Split contains 8 songs, including intros done by Ludo “Evil” Lejeune. One song from Vulture Lord is still with the vocals recorded by Nefas.
 Musicians of Vader , Mork and Enshadowed has taken part in Black Altar part of the split. Cover art was done by Jenglot Hitam .

Vulture Lord 's stunning comeback album, Desecration Rite is also still available from Odium Records at:

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