Social Hall Cancelled Watain / D666 Without Notice To Avoid Backlash? Friday March 16 2018, 11:08 AM
Social Hall Cancelled Watain / D666 Without Notice To Avoid Backlash?

We posted not long ago about the Watain / D666 Show being cancelled from the DNA Lounge due to "ethics". Well the show was moved to the Social Hall in San Francisco and all tickets purchased for the show at the DNA Lounge were to be honored at the new location. Now things have gotten even more fucked up. Read Below!

"So for anyone going or caring about the metal scene the Watain show has been completely canceled in San Francisco. The Social Hall without any explanation said they were not going to hold the show tomorrow. Congratulations San Francisco you are now more conservative than Salt Lake City (or Lexington, Kentucky or Columbus, Ohio or St. Louis Missouri or any other city in the entire U.S)!" 

"And the other bullshit thing - the Social Hall wants to avoid some sort of backlash and not saying a word publicly. Everyone who had tickets to the DNA Lounge show (tickets were supposed to be honored at the Social Hall) have been calling the Social Hall up and the person answering has told everyone they aren't holding the show and to contact DNA Lounge for a refund! There are alot of fan posts about all this b.s. on both the Watain Facebook page and the Destroyer666 Facebook page. Neither band has said anything (which is also annoying), but Watain hasn't had SF on their tour schedule for two months. Why I contacted the DNA Lounge event page in the first place to see what was going on. I'm still waiting for my refund from DNA Lounge." Via Paula Campbell (The Flesh Hammers)

Well if you feel like letting these assholes know how you feel here are the links!

Social Hall SF -

DNA Lounge -

Click the image below to get tickets to a show in your town!

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