Chris Maragoth - Tales (EP) - Reviewed At Allaroundmetal! Monday January 10 2022, 5:52 PM
Chris Maragoth - Tales (EP) - Reviewed At Allaroundmetal!

Chris Maragoth - Tales (EP) - Reviewed At Allaroundmetal ! Check it out here at this link:

One of the satisfactions of a reviewer is having the chance to discover an infinity of independent artists who are often difficult to find. Today we get to know the musician, mainly guitarist, singer and composer Chris Maragoth and his homonymous musical project based in Germany. Before founding this prospectus, the good Chris was involved in several projects and collaborations until, in 2017, he decided to devote himself to his ideas and visions without external influences except sporadic participations of friendly musicians. This "Tales" is a new EP (traceable, like previous works, only online via the Bandcamp page) in "concept-like" format, as each of the three tracks tells a story based on Chris's personal experiences. Musically there are no particular styles as we are inspired by Symphonic Metal with massive more gothic parts with a melancholic and tragic soul.
The first song is "Tales of a Girl" and sees the guest Nadine Hope (already present in the previous EP "Lost and Separated") who gives a dreamy and romantic atmosphere to the song thanks to the sweetness of the tone, whose lyrics concern the love for someone who does not reciprocate, what you feel causing the renunciation of that feeling or the tenacity to try again. The calmness is balanced by the massive guitar riffs and the electronic drums which, however, fail to give dynamism to the song which, with the passing of the minutes, suffers from static and flatness. It goes a little better with the gothic darkness of the next "Tales of My Demise", which thanks to the symphonic arrangements and the inserts of piano and strings creates a theatrical mood with a remarkable melodic taste. It must be said that the most interesting parts are precisely those in which the metal component is left in the background and the shining example is the final and Ambient oriented "Tales of Loss and Tragedy", with its noises based on bells, clocks, music boxes and wind well mixed with orchestrations and gothic keyboards. The German musician has now accustomed his audience and small works like this that are too small and slender to understand what his true potential is. There are good melodic intuitions and even the compositions are definitely pleasant, although without shining brightly. It would take a real support band in which ideas and "different hands" flow and above all more songs that can demonstrate the true value of Chris.
Momentarily this new EP is at the levels of the previous ones and could be a good business card to meet a new artist. It is time, however, that we take the leap. The prolonged continuation of these ideas could lead the ship to run aground, rather than travel to the ocean. - Allaroundmetal

Release Date: November 26th, 2021

FFO: Crematory, Lacuna Coil, Evanescence

Location: Germany

"Tales" is a musical short story collection. The EP contains 3 tracks that not only have in common that they start with the phrase “Tales of” in their song title, but also that each track got a self-contained story largely based on personal experiences. The music style of "Tales" can be described as Melodic Metal and Symphonic Metal with some elements of Gothic. If you like good and catchy melodies, a melancholic and also a dark atmosphere, you should definitely take a look.

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Chris Maragoth is a musician and a same-titled musical project based out of Germany.  After several other projects, Chris Maragoth was founded in February 2017 to pursue his own musical endeavors. Being a guitarist primarily, Chris writes, arranges and records instrumental and vocal parts on his own. Occasionally Chris collaborates with other musicians, but mostly friends and former band mates. The mostly melancholic and dark musical style is a fluent transition between several genres of rock and metal music, but can be mostly described as modern rock and melodic metal. In summer 2021 Chris achieved the third rank in the Museboat Musies Summer Award of the international web-radio Museboat Live with his Single „Behind This Door“.

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