VICIOUS KNIGHTS premiere new track at "Zero Tolerance" magazine's website Wednesday January 5 2022, 4:40 PM
VICIOUS KNIGHTS premiere new track at "Zero Tolerance" magazine's website

Today, Greek deathrashers  Vicious Knights  premiere the new track   "Swing From the Grave"   at  Zero Tolerance   magazine's website . The track is   the third to be revealed   from the band's highly anticipated debut album,   Alteration Through Possession , set for international release on January 28th via  Dying Victims Productions Hear  Vicious Knights ' "Swing From the Grave" in its entirety exclusively  HERE .
Vicious Knights  is an old-school death/thrash metal band, screaming from Thessaloniki, Greece. The band was formed in 2016 by Antonis "Harvester" (guitars/vocals) and Liakos (drums). Panos (bass guitar) entered the band a few months later. This three-piece of total maniacs issued self-released on CD their first EP   Malevolent Spirit s, originally in 2018 and then reissued in 2020 by the World War Now label. The band had many gigs in Greece presenting their first release and some of their newer material, making a great impact on the underground scene.

Now, armed with the support of   Dying Victims ,   Vicious Knights  return to destroy the world with their first full-length,   Alteration Through Possession ! Curiously yet tellingly titled,   Alteration Through Possession   indeed transforms the listener…once that listener is ensnared in the power-trio’s iron grip! Like a trip back to 1987,   Vicious Knights  live up to their moniker by invoking the old spirits of early Kreator, Destruction, Possessed, and Sepultura, combining more devotedly horror-specific lyrics with absolutely ass-ripping DEATHRASH. They go beyond the gates to inflict eternal pain, their infernal overkill bestowing morbid visions upon those who still believe in razor-wire riffing, snarling-evil vokills, and straightforward drum-propulsion – and of course, actual   songwriting . Simple, sure, but sublime:   Alteration Through Possession   is a pleasure to kill!

Continue killing with the brand-new track "Swing From the Grave" exclusively   HERE , courtesy of   Zero Tolerance , the UK's premier extreme metal authority. Begin killing with the previously revealed "They Cast No Shadow" exclusively   HERE , courtesy of, as well as the previously revealed "The Boneghoul King (The Miserly)" exclusively   HERE courtesy of  Deaf Forever  magazine.   Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Vicious Knights' Alteration Through Possession
1. Infestation
2. From Nothingness (To A Slave Of Darkness)
3. The Boneghoul King (The Miserly)
4. They Cast No Shadow
5. Sleep With The Ghouls
6. Vicious Knights
7. Swing From The Grave
8. It Was In My House
9. Disenchanting The Matter (The Statue Is Alive)


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