Chris Maragoth - Tales (EP) - Reviewed At! Tuesday December 21 2021, 10:16 AM
Chris Maragoth - Tales (EP) - Reviewed At!

Chris Maragoth - Tales (EP) - Reviewed At ! Check it out here at this link:

I can’t be quite sure if Chris Maragoth behind this EP titled Tales is the same Chris Maragoth who produced German black metal outfits Draug and Hal, but one thing can be certain, if you like gothic rock/metal Tales will be an enjoyable listening experience. Spiced with sample sounds of rain, thunder, cawing ravens, bell tower, old creaking house and whispers in the attic, Tales quickly moves into melodic rock territory with a gothic lean. Concept record or not, all song titles here start with Tales of …, but the main connective tissue is the EPs obvious pleasant melodies.

Tales of a Girl opens with a piano melody and is the only song on the EP vocalized with up front in the mix yet not overpowering female vocals (by Nadine Hope). Some guitar chug is being preferred later on, so Tales of a Girl takes on the Finnish gothic rock direction with the sound being rather balanced, clean, not too sugary, but not too heavy either. Tales of My Demise and Tales of Loss and Tragedy have minimum vocals in them, so you can call them quasi instrumentals. They take the challenge of not being boring or repetitive quite well. Tales of My Demise has acoustic and distorted guitars duel to start with, and then violin instrumentation and piano definitively demonstrate that the author had some classical music exposure. Syncopated riffs at the end make Tales of My Demise sounding more metallic, but just like Tales of Loss and Tragedy, which also has piano and violins, both compositions are a lot less about heavy sound and more about melancholy and dark atmosphere, just like the whole of the EP. -

Release Date: November 26th, 2021

FFO: Crematory, Lacuna Coil, Evanescence

Location: Germany

"Tales" is a musical short story collection. The EP contains 3 tracks that not only have in common that they start with the phrase “Tales of” in their song title, but also that each track got a self-contained story largely based on personal experiences. The music style of "Tales" can be described as Melodic Metal and Symphonic Metal with some elements of Gothic. If you like good and catchy melodies, a melancholic and also a dark atmosphere, you should definitely take a look.

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Chris Maragoth is a musician and a same-titled musical project based out of Germany.  After several other projects, Chris Maragoth was founded in February 2017 to pursue his own musical endeavors. Being a guitarist primarily, Chris writes, arranges and records instrumental and vocal parts on his own. Occasionally Chris collaborates with other musicians, but mostly friends and former band mates. The mostly melancholic and dark musical style is a fluent transition between several genres of rock and metal music, but can be mostly described as modern rock and melodic metal. In summer 2021 Chris achieved the third rank in the Museboat Musies Summer Award of the international web-radio Museboat Live with his Single „Behind This Door“.

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