Earth Drive Interview On The Zach Moonshine Show Saturday February 17 2018, 8:05 PM
Earth Drive Interview On The Zach Moonshine Show

This Portuguese band formed in 2007. Since then they recorded some demos and only in 2015 felt their work
recognized with the release of the Ep “Planet Mantra” by the Label Raging Planet.
Earth Drive is characterized by a dense, melodic, visceral and cathartic sound always with the heaviness that this genre
During the year 2016/2017 this quartet from Portugal went through several stages of the Portuguese underground such
as the Festival Reverence Valada, Under the Doom IV Edition, Sprint to Rock festival and VOA Heavy Rock Festival
deserving excellent reviews from the specialized media.
They are currently preparing the release of their first album “Stellar Drone” once again by the prestigious and
charismatic Portuguese Label Raging Planet. In this release they continue the journey through earthly landscapes and
cosmic influences and you can find contrasts of sonic textures, ancestral drones and monolithic sound walls.
Assuming a character of a warm saturated environment and atmospheric tones Earth Drive still insist on a heavy
groove thus maintaining a visceral and cathartic density.
“Stellar Drone” present you with a remarkable art work design by artist Daniel Martin Diaz responsible for other work
with Maynard James Keenan (Thirty-Three degress wine brand –, Mogway, Calexico and P.O.D.


“Don´t you dare miss the planetary passing of the new Earth Drive album “Stellar Drone”. This band ability to create
some of the more impressive psychedelia happening in the scene now…”

Wonderbox metal
“The songs are heavy and full of spacefaring melodies, otherworldly vibes, and immersive mood. With riffs that stick in
the mind and understated, yet powerful, vocals, the tracks on this album effortlessly combine instant appeal with lasting
and memorable atmosphere.”

“Returning with another set of strong songs, Portugal's exquisitely-talented Earth Drive and their heavy fusion of psych,
prog, and a few other tasty elements are again in fine form on this go-round, bringing sharp tones and sweet melodies
together with excellent style and power…” (About Planet Mantra)
“They vary the balance between psych and metal up quite a bit across the six songs proper (plus a quick little intro
track), but there's a strong sense of character and style connecting them all, as the bass thunders loud, the drums
snake and smack through gnarly rhythms, the guitar wails and snarls, and the vocals coil deftly through it all. It's one of
those albums that can make you think 'I should upgrade my speakers for this,' but fans of heavy psych should be able to
enjoy this wherever and whatever their listening situation is, provided the volume can go high enough. Definitely a
strong contender for year's best, at least in my book.” (About Stellar Drone)

The tension mounts as hypnotic, hard-driving stoner rock groove, high soaring female vocal and intense melody blast
you into cosmic dimension…”

“Standing Stone” Everything amalgamates on this song and brings it on home with some heavy overtones, including
some very Kyuss-y guitars and music that epitomize the content of the “Desert Rock” genre as a whole. Just a bad-ass
song from an equally bad ass EP and band but explore Earth Drive‘s “Planet Mantra” for yourself”

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