The Matterhorn Project – Traveler - Reviewed At! Tuesday December 21 2021, 8:22 AM
The Matterhorn Project – Traveler - Reviewed At!

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The Matterhorn Project is the somewhat mysterious solo project of an American musician from Indian Hills, Colorado. We don't know who this man is, but with his The Matterhorn Project he makes sludge metal. Seems to fit me completely in my street so this debut EP gets the chance to away.

Opening number Traveler starts in any case quite nicely. A tight guitar riff feeds my hunger for solid sludge, but soon the song turns out to go in the atmospheric direction. I can plum this Traveller though. In the middle, however, the song falls completely silent and that is rather unnecessary as far as I am concerned. The song picks up again, but it never becomes really convincing. Despite the slightly heavier guitars at the end...

Unfortunately, I didn't know at the time that this opening track would be the best of the record. As far as I'm concerned, The Dead Zone gets off the ground way too late and sounds messy too. Musical interlude Forward and the electronic, almost trip-hop-like North in turn completely overtake me as a goal. I really don't like this. If I want to hear bad music, I'll ride with my stepfather to the sea or something. A guaranteed festival of distaste. Completely free.

Fortunately, there is still Reconciliation to save the furniture a little or something. This song alternates strong with boring moments, but somewhere gives a glimpse of what this Matterhorn Project is capable of. Not a bad song by a long shot, but this one isn't going to save the day on its own.

In case this wasn't clear: I'm not blown away by this EP. Now. Don't call your music sludge metal of course. False advertising that I react badly to. This is rather atmospheric rock music and trip hop with a progressive slant. In itself, this is a nice genre, but this Traveler does not exactly excel in that either. Two moderate to nice songs and three songs to drown yourself with. Then as an EP you are actually tubed. -

Release Date: October 1st, 2021

FFO: Elder, Deftones, Mastodon

The Matterhorn Project is a solo studio project based in Colorado with sludge, progressive, post and stoner rock and metal influences. Its goal is to paint pictures though heavy riffs, relentless beats, existential lyricism, and dark soundscapes.

As per a reviewer:
"Excellent sound and enigmatically existential lyricism conspire to make "Traveler" a highly memorable and deeply immersive experience.”

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