Galladorn - The Dragon Lies Bleeding - Featured At Breathing The Core! Sunday December 5 2021, 6:37 PM
Galladorn - The Dragon Lies Bleeding - Featured At Breathing The Core!

Galladorn - The Dragon Lies Bleeding - Featured At Breathing The Core ! Check it out here at this link:

Release Date: November 19th, 2021

FFO: Hammerfall, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian

Galladorn is a two-piece Power Metal band formed in 2020 by U.S. multi-instrumentalist Chris Johansson and U.K. vocalist Craig Cairns. The band is set to release their first single, a cover of the Hammerfall classic, “The Dragon Lies Bleeding” on November 19th, 2021. The group has plans for a multitude of releases to follow; including singles, merch, and a host of other covers paying tribute to the trailblazers of the Power Metal genre, such as Helloween and Blind Guardian. Speaking on the formation and the motivation behind the group’s first single, Johansson had this to say, “Though my past projects have typically been on the more extreme side of Metal, such as Death and Black Metal, I have always had a deep love for Power Metal. I’ll always remember hearing Hammerfall’s, “The Dragon Lies Bleeding” for the first time as a teenager. It was not only my first time listening to Hammerfall, but also my first time listening to the genre altogether. It was one of the earlier songs I learned after picking up the guitar and it has stuck with me ever since. After teaming up with Craig and the idea of forming a Power Metal band now a possibility, it seemed only logical the group’s first release would be an homage to those roots. I can’t wait to share the song. Craig did an amazing job on the vocals and I think with his gritty style we added a bit of our own personality to this classic song!”. 

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