SHADES OF GREY "House of Fools" Limited Edition Vinyl Pre-Order... Wednesday December 1 2021, 6:16 PM
SHADES OF GREY "House of Fools" Limited Edition Vinyl Pre-Order...

Jeff Dzikovsky: Vocals & Guitars
Alan Pearson: Guitars
Peter Clemens: Bass
Dave Hornyak: Drums
ThrashBack Records is pleased to announce that On April 1, 2021 we will be releasing on vinyl the 1989 demo "House of Fools" from cult underground thrashers SHADES OF GREY.
Formed in 1988, SHADES OF GREY would release four demos between 1988 and 1991. It was with 1989's "House of Fools" (their third) that the band would begin to capture the attention of 'zines and tape traders around the world. SHADES OF GREY would play numerous shows with the likes of Realm, Cynic, Anacrusis, Num Skull, Zoetrope and many others.
Unfortunately a record deal would elude the band and they would split in 1993 with various band members going onto such bands as Speedfreak, Cathedral, Novembers Doom, Neurotoxin, Invasion, Sea of Tranquility, Skullview and Yellowtooth.
Though the bands entire recorded output was released in September of 2019 on Germany's Ragnarok Records (which we have available in our Hand-Picked Store) this marks the first time any SHADES OF GREY material has been issued on vinyl.
This vinyl release of "House of Fools" has been mastered specifically for the format by Rob Colwell at Bombworks Sound and new cover art was done by Sidjimbe Art in keeping with the spirit of the original tape cover and time period. Also includes the track "The Fourth Reich" from their "Demo #2" also released in 1989.
This special release is limited to a total of 200 units world wide. The first 100 copies will come with an 8x10 glossy band photo. All copies come with a classic show flyer reproduction. The LP is mastered at 45rpm for maximum fidelity.
FOR FANS OF: Dark Angel, Devastation, At War, Sacred Reich
For the full track listing, and to check out the visualizer for the song "Sounds Of War", be sure to head over to the store.
Thank you to everyone for their continued business and support, we truly appreciate you. So until next time...  HORNS UP!!! 

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