FORDOM stream NIGHT IN TERRORS debut at "Inferno" magazine's website Tuesday November 2 2021, 6:29 PM
FORDOM stream NIGHT IN TERRORS debut at "Inferno" magazine's website

Today, Finnish black metal upstarts  Fordom  stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut album,  Manic Howls , at   Inferno   magazine's website . Set for international release on November 5th via  Night in Terrors , hear  Fordom 's   Manic Howls   in its entirety exclusively   HERE .

A brand-new band hailing from Finland's ever-fertile black metal underground,   Fordom  are, in fact, more underground than most. No paradigmatic "Finnish black metal" here on  Manic Howls , the quartet's first public recording: rather, they dive headfirst into the rotten underbelly laid down by domestic legends like Warloghe, Azazel, and Musta Surma back during the glorious '90s. Indeed, from the musty 'n' mildewed recording to the hulking-yet-distant songs themselves,  Manic Howls  shows   Fordom  are ancient adepts despite their exceedingly young age as a band. All is laid bare, bloodily so; every struck chord and drum hit and vocal gash comes from a very real, and very  physical , place that cannot be faked by modern recording plug-ins and such. This is the kind of olde-worlde BLACK METAL not meant for Instagram or YouTube or Discogs, only for the deepest (de)basements of the self and soul.  Manic Howls  is thusly aptly titled.

For those who are nostalgic for those glorious times, as well as the sorely missed likes of fellow Finnish defiants Musta Kappeli and Pure Evil,   Fordom  have the black drugs to destroy yourself with  Manic Howls .

Fully destroy yourself exclusively   HERE , courtesy of   Inferno , Finland's premier metal authority. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Fordom's Manic Howls
1. Inside the Temple of Bael
2. Destroying the Temple of God
3. The Uprising of Barbatos
4. Rituals Spreading Into the World
5. Fuck the Messiah
6. Confession to Astaroth
7. Lucifer Rises Again


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