Brooke Burgess - Dadbod - Reviewed At Metal Digest! Monday November 1 2021, 6:40 PM
Brooke Burgess - Dadbod - Reviewed At Metal Digest!

Brooke Burgess - Dadbod - Reviewed At Metal Digest ! Check it out here at this link:

Dads… It’s time to put on the headphones and drown out the constant questions and screaming from the kids with this multi-genre double album from Brooke Burgess.

DADBOD as an album is the best auditory description of how it feels to be a dad, from the joy, fear, and overwhelming emotions of having a newborn baby with the almost Disney sounding ‘Little Guy’, to the frustrations of developing the inevitable ‘Dad-bod’ (or a father-figure, if you’re more comfortable with that) with the punky hitting title track ‘DADBOD’, all the way to the exhaustion and existential crisis of being a new dad with ‘Mister Mister’. This album will appeal to dads with an eclectic music taste, with its genres changing more times than your child’s eating habits, and as a whole, it has had me tapping my feet, laughing, and choking up from one song to the next. I think those without children may miss some of the nuance of this album, and may struggle to follow some of the themes, but as a dad you could probably find some tracks in this double album to bop away to.

I do feel that this album could suffer as the erratic nature of this album may turn some people away, and the massive difference in the tone and pace between each of the songs may have people more confused than amused, especially if they are not a fan of some of the genres used throughout, but it should provide a good foundation for Burgess to build from. - Metal Digest

Release Date: July 7, 2021

FFO: Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains

Written and produced in a far-flung corner of the globe during peak lockdown 2020, 'SUPERBOO' (from DADBOD: The Album) is Burgess going back to his 90s grunge roots to scream from the rooftops about the fears of growing old, and the strength found in becoming a father. Though the multi-genre project is packed with standouts, it's this heartfelt homage to Burgess' old home in the Pacific Northwest and his flannel-wearing, grunge-worshipping glory days that's the rock and roll climax to this whiplash double-album. 

SUPERBOO is Father-meets-son...Father loves son...Father freestyles a total banger while moto-racing 'round the island home with son on lap...until Father is humming and drumming and wailing scratch lines into Garageband and cashing in every last favor from killer musician friends around the world to make the goddamn track for son!

Working with indie American axe and production god Matt Miller (Saccharine & Cynanide - based in Sweden) — along with otherworldly songstress Chrystal Leigh (Sons of Daughters - Nashville) on SHADOWLAND — and many, many more from every continent without a pole, DADBOD's heaviest songs and videos pull a Voltron to form a sword-swinging, head-banging, superhero epic that’s an inspired testament to passion, to parenting, and to the possibilities of modern production in do-it-yourself rock and roll. 

Released in July 2021, DADBOD kicked off with 'Best Friend' — a fun and funky summer anthem that has been streamed and viewed nearly 200K across platforms — but now, with Halloween upon us, it's time to go HARD. And that's where SUPERBOO and SHADOWLAND thunder in, with raw and raucous original videos produced and edited by Burgess (also a Sundance Digital Film Festival Audience Award winner).

Imagine Nick Cave and Johnny Cash throwing down on the set of True Blood, and you'll have this epic swamp-rock fable - SHADOWLAND! But be careful what you wish for, as this creepy Halloween treat is based on Burgess' award-winning YA fantasy/horror novel THE CAT'S MAW.  

Produced by Sweden's Matt Miller, with haunting background vox by Nashville's Chrystal Leigh, and mastering by acclaimed Dutch talent White Sea Studio, SHADOWLAND was written, performed, and video-directed by Burgess as the narrative standout for his double-album debut DADBOD.

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After a lifetime in the entertainment industry writing, directing, and producing award-winning game, animation, interactive, and audio projects (Broken Saints, I Am Legend + Hellboy 2 animated shorts, Electronic Arts, Buddha and the S**t podcast) this Canadian creator kills two bucket-list birds with one stone: 1. make an epic double-album music + video project and 2. (far more importantly)…become a Dad. 

While others baked quarantine sourdough or caught virtual fish in Animal Crossing, Burgess wrote, produced, shot, edited, recorded, and mixed the lion’s share of DADBOD while stuck in Southeast Asia during ‘peak pandemic’. And now? Nearly two decades on from a win at the Sundance Film Festival that launched his narrative career, these 20 songs + videos are more than just a mid-life singer/songwriter flex...

It's the honest to Zeus legend of an amazing boy...his crazy dad...and the kind of bond that comes around once in a thousand lifetimes. 

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