New Promo: MOCKCHARGE - Into The Valley Below - (Thrash, Groove, Death Metal) Thursday October 28 2021, 7:41 PM
New Promo: MOCKCHARGE - Into The Valley Below - (Thrash, Groove, Death Metal)

Release Date: October 29th 2021

FFO: Sepultura, Godflesh, Bolt Thrower

Ed Marson - Guitar & Vocals
Tatiana Turin - Bass
Donnie Hogue - Drums  

Mockcharge is a metal band from Brooklyn - NY, taking a new approach to metal by blending several metal subgenres into their songs, presenting vicious and exciting live performances. 

The power trio formed by Ed Marson on guitar and vocals, Tatiana Turin on bass and Donnie Hogue on drums, released their firsts singles in 2020, starting with the fast and aggressive thrash metal song “Marauder”, followed by “Nosferatu” displaying Mockcharge’s signature sound with strong head banging riffs blending different metal subgenres in the same song.

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The band released two more singles during the 2020 lockdowns; the classic intense thrash with sludgy breakdowns “Destroy” and the fast paced punk rock “Bugged Generation” showcasing Mockcharge’s raw performance and vigorous musicianship in the recordings. The releases rocketed the band to be featured in influential metal music blogs and webzines all around the world. Mockcharge announced it's strong presence in the New York metal scene by performing at staple music venues in NYC such as Arlene’s Grocery, Lucky 13 Saloon, Blackthorn 51, Kingsland, Saint Vitus and more. 

Mockcharge released their first album on Oct 29th 2021 available on all music platforms and currently working on their second album scheduled for early spring 2022.

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