Skanners 'Greatest Hits' Reviewed At Metal Gods TV! Tuesday October 19 2021, 12:04 PM
Skanners 'Greatest Hits' Reviewed At Metal Gods TV!

Skanners 'Greatest Hits' Reviewed At Metal Gods TV ! Check it out here at this link:

Skanners are a heavy metal band from Italy formed in 1982, enjoying a four decade career, releasing seven full length studio albums – ‘Dirty Armada’ (1986), ‘Pictures Of War’ (1988), ‘The Magic Square’ (1996), ‘Flagellum Dei’ (2001), ‘The Serial Healer’ (2008), ‘Factory Of Steel’ (2011), and ‘Temptation’ (2019). The band have also released two live albums – 1988’s ‘Live!’, and 2015’s ‘Eins, Zwei, Drei – Metal Party’, dedicated to the bands founding member, guitarist Max Quinzio, who died in 2014.

And now, in 2021, the band release their first ever greatest hits compilation – simply titled ‘Greatest Hits’. Featuring sixteen songs covering their entire career, ‘Greatest Hits’ is a chronological view of the bands progression and growth, with songs taken from each of their seven studio albums, including a brand new song!

During the early stages of their career, Skanners supported many of metal’s biggest names – names such as Twisted Sister, Manowar, Dio, Helloween, and Saxon. And in support of their third album ‘The Magic Square’, opened for the legendary Deep Purple on the bands tour of Italy.

Skanners made an appearance at the 2010 Wacken Open Air festival in Germany, and in more recent years have supported the likes of In Flames, Dark Funeral, Vader, and the mighty Metal Church. And in support of their latest album ‘Temptation’, the band toured as support for bands such as Anthrax, Grim Reaper, and Doro.

The band have always stayed true to their metal roots, with ‘Greatest Hits’ a musical biography that will keep the bands faithful fans very happy, and attract many new ones. This compilation is by no means the end of the band – more a celebration of forty years hard work and determination. You can expect more from the band…

Overall, a glorious compilation from every step of the bands forty year career, portraying Skanners progression and growth to become one of metal’s great bands. - Metal Gods TV

Release Date October 22 2021

FFO: Metal Church, Accept, Helloween

To celebrate the 35th discographic anniversary of the Band and the forthcoming 40th since its formation, Music for the Masses has the honor to announce the agreement with legendary Italian metallers Skanners for the release of their first Greatest Hits which goes through the Band’s whole career. Skanners are with no doubt one of the most important and representative bands of Italian Heavy Metal, one of the few deserving the definition of “Legendary”. Kicking off back in 1982 and debuting in 1986 with “Dirty Armada”, released for a Major Label, the then very active CGD, which also released the following “Pictures of War” in 1988, the Band has ever since kept up its identity and dignity, always far from trend-following and staying true to its Metal Belief, supported by great composition and talent, together with Claudio Pisoni’s voice. These have always been the trademarks of the Band. The Greatest hits, produced by Music for the Masses is scheduled for release on October 22nd on cd format and features 16 tracks drawn from the entire rich Band’s repertoire, tracing an actual musical biography which will satisfy die hard fans but will also be able to attract new listeners to their musical craft. And, for this special release, a new, unreleased song entitled “Under the Grave” will be on the album.

The album will be distributed by Egea Music (Italy), Code 7 (Europe), Sleaszy Rider Records (USA), Wormholedeath Japan and Music for the Masses Distro. In addition, it will be available on all digital platforms. The promotion will be taken care by Grand Sounds (Europe), Metal Devastation PR (USA), Mazzarella Press Office (Italy) and Wormholedeath (Japan).







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