Brisbane Prog-Metal Sensations Release Monstrous New Single 'I Wanna Be The One' Thursday October 14 2021, 7:13 PM
Brisbane Prog-Metal Sensations Release Monstrous New Single 'I Wanna Be The One'

Brisbane Prog-Metal Powerhouse Sunset Junkies release their monstrous new single ‘I Wanna Be The One' from their upcoming sophomore album 'Darkness Visible'. With its undeniable groove, mind bending instrumental passages and trademark choral explorations, ‘I Wanna Be The One’ is another tour de force that warrants multiple listens.

At just over 4 minutes in length, ‘I Wanna Be The One’ covers tremendous musical terrain, whilst retaining a cohesive catchiness usually reserved for more popular genres. Listeners are treated to a cascading soundscape rooted in Prog-Metal with cinematic elements, grand arrangements, ferocious riffs, blistering solos and infectious melodies. Featuring smouldering lead vocals from Ellie Jane who delicately untangles the dark side of desire and the line between admiration and obsession with commendable dynamism.

Frontman Byron Short speaks: ‘The secret is that we don’t care for genres or any sort of classification whatsoever. This is music without boundaries and we’re free to follow any path we like’

Sunset Junkies boasts a unique amalgamation of progressive metal, djent, and rock to create a dramatic and powerful wall of sound showcasing the band's remarkable diversity and musicianship. Since releasing their debut album 'Cosmos', the band has forged a respected name for themselves as one of the finest Prog-Metal band's in South East Queensland. Building on the grandiosity and scope of ‘Cosmos’, ‘Darkness Visible’ explores the depths of the soul rather than the expanses of the universe and the result is a progressive metal masterpiece.

‘I Wanna Be The One' is Out Now via
‘Darkness Visible’ is available for Pre-Order in Physical Format via Wild Thing Records



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