Freakshow - "Freakshow" - Reviewed By WOM! Monday October 11 2021, 9:33 PM
Freakshow - "Freakshow" - Reviewed By WOM!

Freakshow - "Freakshow" - Reviewed By WOM ! Check it out here at this link:

Nostalgia is. It brings us both things you missed and those you didn't miss at all. Obviously it's all depending on the personal tastes of each person and as such, in my tastes, nu-metal is not a style that is well rated. You can still see that Freakshow wears this skin well as they have an additional weight derived from Metalcore. Although musically not especially appealing in general – especially for those who have taken with a lot of similar things on top – freakshow particularly score points for variety and talent. And I know that for those who like this specific period of music that has a lot of material here to stay on its seven farms. We will see their evolution, whether they continue in this debut record or if they will find evolutionary paths beyond this. Taking this into account, it is an album that appreciates the value but leaves the need to present something more in a row. 7/10 - WOM

Release Date: September 17, 2021

FFO: Korn, Sevendust, Mudvayne

FREAKSHOW, from San Diego, Ca! Heavy Band with an attitude to be the best they can be. The live show is where it's at for this band... Crowd-pleasing grooves, and heavy tones!

“Straight up nu metal with the classic stabbed bass, huge sounding chords and melodic riffs that colour the music. The chorus lights the track up and lets the singer to open his vocal cords. A joyous celebration of the metal genre. 10/10 Check it out” -  Craig Young - Backseat Mafia

“Debuting with a song that hits in a weighty manner, we take a deep plunge into their latest single release, “Waste,” a sense of urgency is transmitted through the sustaining essence of the foreboding hues in the musicality. Through a vibrant production quality that allows the emotion-fueled in the lead vocals to collide with chugging guitar riffs and colossal drum patterns, the mind-altering fusion of the amplified rhythm instilled into “Waste,” has us grasping the thunderous peaks and valleys of this arrangement. Freakshow illuminates their talents in the lurking depths of shadowy quintessence. There’s something vastly unique about the way they string together a composition. Bellowing from the pits of inimitable energy, we admire the vivacious world that Freakshow lures us into the resonance of “Waste.” Honing in , we hear a creeping passion of the new wave artillery that they have locked and loaded in this high octane performance 10/10” -  Valeri - BUZZMUSIC

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