Devastating Light - I Have Already Failed You - Reviewed By Mournful Sounds! Sunday September 5 2021, 10:56 AM
Devastating Light - I Have Already Failed You - Reviewed By Mournful Sounds!

Devastating Light - I Have Already Failed You - Reviewed By Mournful Sounds ! Check it out here at this link:

Remarkable debut step for Devastating Light,actually solo project of the Finnish Teemu Toikka.
The Tampere musician is almost unknown in the metal field as he comes from the hardcore / punk scene of the country, but the arrival at this form of post metal heavily mottled with sludge is motivated by the dark and introspective themes addressed within I Have Already Failed You.
In fact, if punk is the ideal soundtrack to express a social malaise, to give space to the psycho-physical one, metal in its darkest forms proves to be more adequate than any other musical form.
Teemu's approach is bare and essential, almost a drained form but no less stinging than what Amenra and its genius offer: the outcome is convincing although, as expected, the ep does not prove to be particularly winking, in deference to texts that focus on the exacerbation of existential discomfort in a man about to become a father while in a deep depressive state. The three simply numbered tracks are equally valid in their exhibiting an angry and repressed despair, but it must be said that there is also an extended version of the work on cassette, containing a fourth track entitled Epilogue,presumably composed at a later stage and which proves in this sense more composite in its approach to doom with some concessions to the melody; it is therefore pleonastic to say that this is the version recommended for those who want to approach this valid first test of Devastating Light. - Mournful Sounds

Devastating Light is a DIY post metal/doom band from Tampere, Finland. Everything is played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Teemu Toikka, who is a seasoned veteran of the ug punk -scene in Finland. Devastating Light has stories to tell and the stories are all about the pain of existence in our modern time, mental health issues and the effect that has on a person and people around them.

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"I have already failed you" is a theme album about a man suffering from depression and becoming a father while the world is ending. It explores feelings of not being or doing enough and the fear of somehow passing on the disease to the child. Is it even right to bring a child into this world that is slowly ending?

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