Rapid Strike 'Rapid Strike' Album Reviewed By Metal Gods TV! Sunday August 29 2021, 10:59 AM
Rapid Strike 'Rapid Strike' Album Reviewed By Metal Gods TV!

Rapid Strike 'Rapid Strike' Album Reviewed By Metal Gods TV ! Check it out here at this link: https://metalgodstv.com/rapid-strike-album-review-rapid-strike/

Rapid Strike are a Croatian based melodic heavy rock band formed in 2011 by guitarist Hrvoje Madiraca, releasing their debut album ‘God Take Me To Hell’ the same year. The band has undergone a radical line-up change, with founder Madiraca the sole remaining original member. The bands new self titled album, featuring former Chemikill, Khaos Theory, and Eventual Fate vocalist Bexie James, was released in 2021…

…and is a myriad of rock and metal styles – from ballads to arena rock to galloping heavy metal and everything in-between. There is something here for every rock and metal fan to enjoy…the album coming to life with the energetic thunder of ‘Just A Lie’. Swinging through the metal and rock genres, ‘Just A Lie’ features pace and tempo changes galore, a highly catchy and addictive opening salvo. Heavying things up somewhat, ‘Night Of The Unholy’ is a NWOBHM inspired romp, the guitar sound so synonymous with the legendary eighties metal evolution. ‘Sweet Terror’ maintains the albums heavy metal orientated opening triple salvo, actually becoming a little more aggressive. Yes, aggressive – not like thrash, but that early “heavy metal” scream from Bexie is an iconic Dickinson/Halford scream.

With an acoustic guitar breathing life into ‘Sailing On’, we find ourselves standing in ballad territory. Time to get your lighters out and hold them high, as soulful vocals create an air of serenity. The change from all out metal to mellow ballad may have been sudden, but after the high energy fizz of the albums opening songs, a breather is most definitely in order. Breather over – and it’s back to energetic and bustling heavy metal, with ‘Betrayal Is A Sin’, and an intimidating vocal rasp that just oozes aggression. That said, there is a melodic streak running through ‘Betrayal Is A Sin’, just as there has been all album so far. The variation over the albums first half has been incredible, with the second half offering so much more.

‘Losing You’ is a belter of a ballad – it’s got everything you could ever wish for in a lighters in the air, sway from side, highly emotional and passionate meander. Vocals are soulful, the guitars calm, and the feel of emotion rockets sky high. Regular readers will know my stance on ballads appearing on metal albums, but this is a rock album – a heavy rock album that swings both ways, (err, that sounded much better in my head) taking in the soundscapes of both rock and metal. Hitting the ground hard, ‘Viper’s Nest’ adopts a Judas Priest like heavy power stomp. Big bold guitars lead the way as ‘Viper’s Nest’ rumbles on to a finish. The most energising song has been saved ’til last – the last song on the album, the highly rabble rousing call to arms ‘Shout It Out’. Featuring guest vocalist Tanja Melanie Hrvat, ‘Shout It Out’ comes complete with a highly sing a long able, chant style chorus.

Overall, a varied rock and metal journey, infectious and melodic, catchy and memorable – appealing to a very wide audience. - Metal Gods TV

Initially formed in 2010, Croatian melodic heavy rock band Rapid Strike has since achieved recognition from fans around the globe with their distinct and recognizable sound that bridges the gap between Metal and Rock.  After their successful debut album, international tours and fierce festival appearances, their brand new, self-titled album is finally here. Lead guitarist and primary songwriter Hrvoje Madiraca has crafted an album full of mean riffs, crazy solos, catchy melodies, meaningful lyrics and strong, yet beautiful vocals provided by English vocalist Bexie James, their latest addition to the line-up. A band with a truly international character now, Rapid Strike aims to reach out and touch the sky.

After a successful tour of Japan with Nightrage , and a European tour with Black Star Riders, the band decided it was the right time to take a step forward, despite unpredictable circumstances around the world. Their new, self-titled album was released on 21.05.2021 via Wormholedeath . Rapid Strike is now intensively preparing for concerts, as soon as the epidemiological situation allows it. 

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Line up:
Vocals - Bexie James
Guitars - Hrvoje Madiraca
Guitars - Ante Pupačić Pupi
Bass Guitars – Dean Clea
Drums – Danijel Stojan

Genre: Melodic Heavy Rock
God Take Me To Hell (One Records)
Rapid Strike (Wormholedeath)

For fans of: Ozzy, Metallica, Mötley Crüe

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Official web: www.rapidstrikeband.com 
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0ZMPsfgdXFveNRI3TD1fkb?si=P9HQKcpDR6i3PmFT6eo6VA
Official FB: www.facebook.com/rapidstrike 
Official Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/rapidstrikeofficial

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