DIMEBAG'S ESTATE SUES DEAN GUITARS Tuesday August 17 2021, 4:24 PM

The estate of   PANTERA   guitarist   "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott   has filed a lawsuit against   Dean Guitars , with whom he has had an endorsement deal for a number of years.

The news of the legal dispute was shared earlier today on social media by   Dimebag 's longtime girlfriend and trustee of his esate,   Rita Haney . She wrote: "After much consideration, it is with great sadness that I announce the longstanding relationship between   Dimebag   and   Dean Guitars   is over. Unfortunately, we were forced to file a lawsuit against   Dean Guitars   on Monday, August 16th, for the reason set forth in the complaint that may be viewed at www.dimebagdarrell.com. It was necessary for us to end   Dime 's endorsement of   Dean Guitars   to continue to honor and celebrate his legacy the way he deserves, and in the way he had laid it out.

"We do not make this decision lightly and it is with a heavy heart that we share this news with you,   Dime 's loyal fans. As you know, after signing the deal with   Dean Guitars   in 2004, Dime was ecstatic to finally be working with the one and only,   Mr. Dean Zelinsky , who's been gone from the company since 2008.   Darrell   had voiced several times that it was like going home where he belonged. It was something he was enormously proud of.

"I have spent days, re-reading through all of   Darrell 's guitar notes, lists, letters, and drawings (some not yet released). knowing   Darrell 's wishes and seeing them written down on paper, once again, after all these years solidifies that he would not have stayed. I want to see   Dime 's words followed through and to have his legacy reach the level he intended.

"I made several attempts to amicably settle our dispute with   Dean Guitars . however, it became clear to me that   Dimebag 's relationship with   Dean Guitars   had come to an end when the new CEO of   Dean Guitars   told me that   Dime   has been dead for 16 years and they could not make the money they once did.. (so basically, he's used up???) and then continued on to tell me i should go somewhere else. Well... we will!

"Moving forward, our goal will be to ensure the rightful and respectful celebration of   Dime 's legacy and the indelible mark he and his music made on this world. It is with absolute conviction that we say that this can no longer happen whilst continuing to partner with   Dean Guitars .

"As fans, we hope that you feel as we do. Our love for   Dime   has not wavered in the 16 plus years since his passing and he is still as relevant to us today, despite what we have been told by   Dean Guitars . We want to capture the 'spirit of the deal' that was discarded by   Dean Guitars , like it should have always been done. In this spirit, we soon hope to have more positive news to share with you regarding the future of ' Dime   guitars.'

" Dime   loved his fans so very much, in return, you guys have never wavered in your loyalty and love for him. We cannot thank you enough for your continued support.

"Long live   Dimebag Darrell ! Getcha pull!"

Dimebag 's affiliation with   Dean   goes back to when he was 14. He played   Dean   guitars throughout   PANTERA 's heyday in the mid-1990s. He switched to   Washburn Guitars   late in the decade, a time when   Dean Guitars   had practically disappeared from the American market. But when   Dimebag 's contract with   Washburn   ended, he inked an endorsement deal with   Dean , which   Elliot Rubinson   had revived.   Dimebag   died three weeks later at the age of 38.

In the lawsuit,   Haney   calls   Dean 's current CEO   Evan Rubinson , the son of the late   Elliot Rubinson , "incredibly disrespectful and often times belligerent to the legacy of   Abbott . He acted without regard for the success   Abbott   brought to his father's company, and to which ultimately contributed to his inheritance," the complaint reads. "Given the misdealings uncovered by   Ms. Haney , she felt that   Dean Guitars   had taken complete advantage of   Abbott   over the years and refused to continue a business relationship with   Dean Guitars   unless   Dean Guitars   was willing to right its wrongs."

The complaint goes on to accuse   Dean Guitars   of breaching its endorsement agreement with   Dimebag   in that it "never paid the contracted amount for each full cover photo that have been printed with   Abbott   playing a   Dean   guitar, with the   Dean Guitars ' logo and/or trademark prominently displayed; failed to provide the imported and domestic models for each line of   Abbott   endorsed guitars produced by   Dean Guitars , and other guitars for personal and promotional use; fraudulently, in conjunction with   Concordia   and without the knowledge of   Abbott , registered the trademark for Razorback and the Razorback guitar design, both of which were the sole property of   Abbott , in   Concordia 's name; in conjunction with   Concordia , transferred the Razorback trademark, which was the sole property of   Abbott , to a third party without the knowledge of   Abbott ; and in conjunction with   Concordia , acquired the registered trade dress for the guitar design known as the Dime3 in its own name, without   Abbott 's knowledge and without recognizing   Abbott   as a joint owner."

Dimebag   and his brother   Vinnie Paul   co-founded   PANTERA . When   PANTERA   broke up in 2003, they formed   DAMAGEPLAN . On December 8, 2004, while performing with   DAMAGEPLAN   at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio,   Dimebag   was shot and killed onstage by a troubled schizophrenic who believed that the members of   PANTERA   were stealing his thoughts.

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